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Sara Stone






Sara Stone (73 clips) MegaPack




2010-08-04 (by youssef0eddoumali )


*****DIARY OF A GPGPU USER***** wow today one of my dreams just come true an antivirus engine using GPGPU is out and is already 100 times faster than a regular engine using only cpu plus it's open source which means free check it out: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey people Out There Just To Let You KNow i'm so glad of my self Just Because of this high end personal supercomputer configuration: -Motherboard (Dual Cpu Socket 1366) = SuperMicro X8DAH+F -CPU = 2 x Intel Xeon 5560 (a total of 8 physical core = 16 threads) Raid Controller = 3Ware Raid Card HDD = 8 x 2 TO Mounted In Raid 6 Ram = 4 x 4 GB = 16 GB Chassis = Zalman SSD = 2 x 80 GB Intel SSD Mounted in Raid 1 (System Volume) GPU = ATI 5970 (That's My Baby, The Important Piece In My Config After The HDDs) It Developps Approximatively 5 Teraflops Of Raw Computing Power But Even If I Have All This GPGPU Computing Power Inside The GPU, I'm Still Waiting For Software To Take Advantage o this horsepower And here is my Dream list for GPGPU Application: -Antivirus -Hash Check Functionnality Inside Most P2P Application (Torrent And Edonkey Network) -Real Time Encoding Inside Streaming Application Especially (mycast orb Stream) -archive applicaion (like winrar and 7zip) even if this compression is not a 100% parallel task, still some task can be handled by the GPU -HD Decoding Is Already Implemented But Just For h.264 And VC-1 Even If All The Functinnalities Are Handled By The GPU The xvid and divx HD Is Not Supported Yet -Video Transcoding (H.264 codec), The aVailable Solution Like Badaboom Are Not As Good As the Free x.264 implementation of videolan which use the CPU -Video Transcoding (Dirac Video) -Audio Transcoding (Ogg Vorbis) My Favorite Audio Format But Still Take Some Time When ranscoded using the CPU (i wish ayoumi can hear my voice) AAC also is to be considered but not Mp3 i don't use that old format at all -Search option inside windows explorer -thumbnail generation inside windows explorer (it will make navigation inside folders with big content an easy task) -media library scan inside media player (as i'm concerned winamp my best audio player) having inside my pc as of now 175643 albums, looking for new content to add to the library is always a time consuming task (i hope also that winamp encoder will take advantage of GPU) -Parallelization and pipelining inside the opensource application called Truecrypt -Real time upscaling of SD Videos To HD Format Inside media players like (Vlc And Media player classic) -real time video enhancement for low quality videos (noise removable, stabelisation......) ........any other suggestion ***god bless you*** My Sharing Ratio Will Depends On Your Thanks Or Comments So for every comment i will seed an other full ratio = 100% and for any thanks it will be = 50% --------------------------------------------------------------------- Screens:

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KcS2370 (2011-04-13)

Love Sara, thank you.

babybluetits24 (2011-05-13)

barnabee18 (2011-08-01)

Thank you very much. Nice collection.

sasa_454 (2011-11-03)

thank you

jorime69 (2012-02-12)

Thanks for Sara

BAYSLASH2 (2012-02-14)

Thankyou for the up! alot of effort and Sara is one major hottie


1. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Brandy Talore ( Rock Hard 3).avi 270.44 Mb
2. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Brooke Banner (On The Couch).avi 243.22 Mb
3. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Gianna Michaels & Beladonna (Beladonna Fetish Fanatic #3).avi 384.99 Mb
4. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Gianna Michaels ( 459.69 Mb
5. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & girls (No Mans Land 45).avi 408.14 Mb
6. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Kelly Madison (Big Natural Titties #5) Scene #2 Flesh For Fantasy.avi 276.55 Mb
7. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Kelly Madison (Big Natural Titties).wmv 440.69 Mb
8. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Sienna West ( (scene -The Carpet Cleaner).wmv 412.10 Mb
9. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Tiffany Holiday (Hellcats 8).avi 471.56 Mb
10. Sara Stone/Sara Stone & Tiffany Rayne (Squirting 201 3).avi 363.38 Mb
11. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( Don't Pull Out).mpg 468.06 Mb
12. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (100% Natural Wonders 7).avi 274.71 Mb
13. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Age Play POV Style).avi 117.64 Mb
14. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Ashlynn & Friends 8).avi 259.07 Mb
15. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Big Bodacious Knockers).avi 320.15 Mb
16. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Big Breast Amature Girls 6).avi 142.88 Mb
17. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Big Tit Patrol 4).avi 240.47 Mb
18. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Big Tits Curvy Asses).avi 221.08 Mb
19. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Big Titty Woman 2).avi 281.91 Mb
20. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( (scene - How to please my Boss).wmv 362.38 Mb
21. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Boob Bangers 2).avi 276.75 Mb
22. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Boobaholics Anonymous).avi 272.70 Mb
23. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Busty Beauties 23).avi 187.90 Mb
24. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Busty Housewives 2).avi 298.15 Mb
25. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( (scene -Sara And Nick Hook Up).wmv 422.27 Mb
26. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Control 2).avi 149.54 Mb
27. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Cum On Me Or Cum In Me).avi 252.03 Mb
28. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( - (Stone Cold Awesome).wmv 352.06 Mb
29. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Double D Divas).wmv 545.50 Mb
30. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Erotica XXX 11).avi 450.27 Mb
31. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Extreme Naturals).avi 110.30 Mb
32. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Fuck My Tits 1).avi 139.46 Mb
33. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Handjobs Across America 12).avi 91.53 Mb
34. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (I Cream On Genie 2).avi 410.87 Mb
35. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( (scene - Wife's Employee).wmv 379.22 Mb
36. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Incumming 6).avi 225.53 Mb
37. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Internal Discharge 1).wmv 134.76 Mb
38. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Jack's Playground 33).avi 261.56 Mb
39. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Jacks Big Tits Show 2).avi 98.83 Mb
40. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Jacks Teen America Mission 14).avi 147.92 Mb
41. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Lethal Injections 5).avi 342.26 Mb
42. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Meet The Twins 5, Throated 10).avi 121.30 Mb
43. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Mrs.Behavin).avi 105.54 Mb
44. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (My Fantasy Girls POV 3).avi 255.93 Mb
45. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (My XXX Secretary).avi 305.19 Mb
46. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( - (Sister's Friend).wmv 327.27 Mb
47. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Natural Knockers).avi 108.19 Mb
48. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Naughty Athletics 6).avi 316.74 Mb
49. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( (scene -Country Girl).wmv 333.11 Mb
50. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Neighbor Affair 2).avi 121.30 Mb
51. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Nice Rack 13).avi 197.77 Mb
52. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Nurses Of Boobsville).avi 210.18 Mb
53. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (One Last Kiss).avi 98.16 Mb
54. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Only Handjobs 4).avi 50.92 Mb
55. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Only Handjobs).avi 123.09 Mb
56. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Oral Antics 5).avi 106.15 Mb
57. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Paste My Face 6).avi 48.01 Mb
58. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( - (Big Cock Heaven).wmv 347.41 Mb
59. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (POV Blowjobs).avi 99.56 Mb
60. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Pussyman's Big Tit Paradise 4).avi 159.07 Mb
61. Sara Stone/Sara Stone ( - (Two Faced Wife Slut).wmv 296.97 Mb
62. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Sadie And Friends 4).avi 275.94 Mb
63. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Show Me Your Tits 2).avi 279.98 Mb
64. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Super Naturals 3).avi 262.28 Mb
65. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Sweet Cream Pies 2).avi 308.46 Mb
66. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Tasty Tities 2, Big Fucking Titties).avi 191.31 Mb
67. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Tittyland 2).avi 272.45 Mb
68. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Traffic Stopping Tits).wmv 141.36 Mb
69. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Tunnel Vision 3).avi 276.24 Mb
70. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (U Bang Em).avi 367.92 Mb
71. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Way of the Dragon).avi 94.89 Mb
72. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Young Ripe Mellons 8).wmv 190.84 Mb
73. Sara Stone/Sara Stone (Yummy In My Tummy 2).avi 219.87 Mb