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Nitro PDF Professional v6.0.1.8 Incl Keymaker-EMBRACE










2009-10-21 (by aoloffline )


Nitro PDF Professional, the complete Adobe® Acrobat® alternative, enables you to do more with PDF through powerful tools to create, convert, edit, combine, secure, annotate, form-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files. Recipient of multiple best product awards, Nitro Pro is specifically designed for the business user and makes working with PDF faster and easier than ever before! Create PDF and PDF/A files from virtually any Windows application, with full control over PDF output options. Offering one-click conversion for many commonly-used file types (including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and more), Nitro PDF Professional simplifies the PDF creation process. All PDF files created with Nitro PDF Professional are 100% compatible with other PDF viewing applications including Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Edit PDF content, no matter what it is. From correcting minor typos and updating or removing text, to advanced image editing tasks such as inserting, replacing, cropping, resizing and downsampling, Nitro PDF Professional makes it easy to make last-minute edits. Create consistency throughout your documents by inserting headers, footers, watermarks, page numbering and more. Edit document properties and optimize PDF for distribution, creating polished, recipient-ready PDF files. Easily convert PDF to Word and PDF to RTF with industry-leading accuracy, enabling quick content reuse in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and more. Extract text and images from PDF files in a single click, for trouble-free repurposing in other programs. Copy entire blocks of text or take snapshots of PDF pages for quick pasting into another document. Combine documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more into a single, polished PDF file. Nitro Pro's powerful editing tools enable you to reorder, delete, insert, extract, replace, split, and rotate pages, providing you precise control over your entire document while guaranteeing your information is presented exactly as intended.

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eek1957 (2009-10-23)

Thanks, wife needed this school!

simonyan (2009-10-23)

aoloffline, there is no serial number in the nfo file, please let me know how to obtain it so I can activate. Thx

crimson697 (2009-10-25)

@simonyan, which part of: "Use the included keymaker to register ... " in the .nfo file did you find hard to understand? Buy the fucking software if you can't follow these simple steps, fucking moron

Chrisva (2009-10-26)

There is no NFO file in this download, so it is kind of dificult to use the key maker with out install ID and activation. Can someone please post them or the text from the missing NFO file?

lotuspearls (2009-10-29)

the keygen needs a licence code. Thanks

yousir (2009-10-31)

Keygen will not accept Installation ID copied from program itself.

BFREEXXX (2009-10-31)

installed once on my win 7 system. reinstalled win 7 so i had to reinstall nitro pdf. now i can't seem to get to "activate offline". i get the option to deactivate or register online. any clues as to what i can do?

pafisc (2009-11-04)

Anyone got this to work? I tried copy the installation-id from "proxy settings" under the acivation button in the installer to generate an activation code without success.

GTbulldog (2009-11-07)

Hey guys - this doesn't work for me. I read the directions - and copied the Installation ID (from the activation screen) into the keygen, and hit generate, copied and pasted the generated activation key into the space, and I get an error that says "You didn't enter enough digits." DO you guys have any suggestions - it's obviously worked for all of you - or do you have a straight up actuvation key you can put on here? Thanks guys and have a great day!

brianxxx (2009-11-13)

I have tested this under XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. It works. Not one single problem.
Even tested it under VMWARE on virtual machines. IT WORKS JUST FINE GUYS.

5t4lk3r (2009-11-15)

i tested it on my x64 XP and it works, all you have to do is install nitro pdf following your OS architecture, x86 or x64 and when you start it for first time choose to activate it, click activate with browser and then you will see the installation id, copy it to the keygen and click generate, copy the activation code and paste it to activation form and then hit the activate button, and then you can use it as long as you want it

RogerJohns (2009-11-15)

dear friends dont feel dejected this keygen works but it's slightly different from the normal ones. after installation u need to get the installation id from "help/licence information" insert that id in your keygen and generate now paste that key and activate. works well , go on with ur pdf experiments. thank you

pafisc (2009-11-20)

Activate using web browser does not work either. It ask for installation-id and for license number. My license number happens to be nothing under both help and in the screen "activate using web browser".
This is just not ment to be. Maybe this error occurs because the testversion has expired?
And what part of "Choose Offline Activation" in the instructions mean "Activate using web browser". This release has real poor instructions if you ask me.

pafisc (2009-11-20)

Ok, I finally managed :)
I tried the easy way, pasting activation code in first box. Then I tried the hard way using "Activate manually using a web browser" and going to a web page where you would need a license number that I didn't have.
The right way is the middle way :D
1) Install
2) Activate manually using a web browser
3) copy installation ID and paste to keygen
4) click generate
5) copy activation and paste in the box
6) click activate
Ignore license number. And do NOT go to any web page.

dadicsmradic (2009-11-26)

thanks uploader
thanks pafisc for the tips.

SMIM (2009-11-28)

even works with the 64bit from the site. thanks

supreme35 (2009-12-01)

I have folled all the advice here, I created the activation code, but it will not let me paste it or type it into the box.
Any ideas why!

supreme35 (2009-12-02)

Ok I found that I was trying to paste the code in the lower box, when I pasted it in the top box - bingo - perfect.
Works perfect for me now.
Thank you

vbox (2009-12-08)

Tried installing twice. Got the "License Access Error 1" and could not run the application.

Mystikz (2009-12-25)

I was able to register it using the keymaker and it all works just fine.
Cheers aoloffline

ex_pat3 (2010-01-03)

If you download from the Nitro site, then get this error: License access failure 1, have a look at:

tertsik (2010-01-13)

this Keyged does´nt work, why?

Baz2017 (2010-01-24)

Works great! Thanks for sharing with us.

jxsilicon9 (2010-02-01)

You don't copy the install id from the help menu. You have to click activate by browser when you get to the trial/activate screen.And then us that install id code.

michaelrwatson (2010-02-07)

pafisc is CORRECT!!!!!!!
Activation of this turd is a frickin IQ test--you need to follow his procedure carefully. Jump through the hoops and it will activate (at least until Nitro gets wise). That's the cost of using pirated software.

jacksparr0w (2010-03-05)

thanks !
Installed and activated, thanks to pafisc's instructions.

Baz2017 (2010-03-06)

I made a short tutorial on how to activate this software. Here is the link if someone interested in using it:¤t=ActivatingNitroPDF.flv

TehZig (2010-03-21)

Hey, I just thought you guys would like to know that the installer in this does not work on x64 operating systems, however if you go to Nitro's website and download the free trial, you can still use this keygen to activate it. GMT, good upload man.

ArturotheRed (2010-04-01)

trojan downloader!!! beware

piratebay (2010-04-24)

Works just fine.
Install the software from the exe file.
A window saying "continue trial" and "activate now" will appear. Select "activate now".
Click on the link which contains something like "activate without web browser" or something similar. I dont remember exactly.
Now, a window with an install id will be displayed. Copy and paste this id into the keygen attached with the torrent, and then click generate.
An activation id will be generated. Copy and paste it to the big activation area provided in the software window, and click activate.

dsf1 (2010-05-16)

Works great! Thanks!

martianka (2010-06-07)

It's 6 June 2010 and I don't think this hack is working any more.
Or I am doing something wrong (but I can usually manage these installations without problems).
Please can someone confirm whether the crack still works?
I use the pregenerated trial install ID, enter that into the keygen and try to use licence that it generates on the Nitro website. The website does not generate an activation code, it just gives a message about "general error".
Am I doing something wrong or are they on to the hack?

yccyf (2010-06-26)


1986bhavin26 (2010-09-04)

this is my install id i tried ur keugen but it said insufficient digit and it won't work plz generate d activaion code for it

parivarto (2010-10-07)

Hi - I don;t seem to be able to down load because it says that the file has been damaged or that it is not supported by Adobe... any suggestions? Cheers

BernardoPhoenix (2010-11-10)

Thank you piratebay! Still works with newest update.

vivekse (2011-02-03)

it has trojan... risky download...