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FSX & FS9 Feelthere / Wilco PIC 737






FSX & FS9 Feelthere / Wilco PIC 737




2011-01-13 (by lodestar738)


PIC 737(300, 400, and 500) + Liveries I have not found vorking version of Feelthere / Wilco PIC 737 on TPB. This is a version from Just Flight DVD, I tested this 737, every switch is working, working gauges and no problem at all on my system (windows 7, 64 bit) 1.Open Folder "737 PIC" 2.Unrar 737 PIC.rar - You will get iso file "737 PIC.iso" 3.Mount "737 PIC.iso" to virtual drive 4.Go to virtual drive, open it and run "start.exe" (looks like an arrow) 5.Instalation wizard will appear - just follow the instructions of instalation wizard 6.After install, for fsx run "f1_fsx_vcrainfix", or "FS9 patch" for fs9 You can burn "737 PIC.iso" to DVD and install it from DVD


  1. fsx fs9 wilco feelthere pic 73

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3450.18 Mb




lodestar738 (2011-01-13)

Do not aply FS9 patch - will not work. Patch is for update, but plane works great without patch

JBFly (2011-01-14)

REQ: SL - REAL H2O / FS2004

JBFly (2011-01-14)

REQ: SL - REAL H2O / Fs2004

gotbutchi (2011-01-15)

Thanksss :D Been waiting thisss =D

lodestar738 (2011-01-16)

Tell me if anyone have problem with this version, not tested on windows XP

Irishbug (2011-01-16)

Req: Dehavilland DHC-3

zabolekarq (2011-01-17)

Is the plane still turns like crazy in this version?
And is it keep crashing the MS2004 when trying to enter the "Forecast" page in FMC/VNAV/PAGE3?

lodestar738 (2011-01-17)

zabolekarq - none of this, work's fine, try it

kmankm (2011-01-18)

can you turn on the GPU(ground power unit) in this?
I already have PIC737 but have to switch on the damn APU for preflight, leads to fuel imbalance by the time i take off

lodestar738 (2011-01-18)

This is from Felthere suport forum, starting from cold & dark :
1set the parking brake.
2.wait 30-60 seconds.
3.when GPU available connect to aircraft.
I tried and works, after 1min just click over groun power buton

kmankm (2011-01-18)

yes i try that technique every time i use it, for some strange reason i am the only one with this problem using:
vista, fsx+acceleration
anyways i'll try it with this one(fingers crossed)

lodestar738 (2011-01-18)

kmankm: just finished flight from cold & dark(preflight, checklists with ground power)to cold & dark again ;o) It Works - Windows 7 64 bit.

suitretas (2011-02-14)

Thank you for the share
Please can someone manage to get the new wilc/feelther airbus evolutions vol 1 and vol 2, for FSX?
it really has some nice new features, take a peek at their site

lodestar738 (2011-02-19)

suomihanzu: i didn't put this torrent here for you, if you don't like this product - go and look for something else. Oh sorry, now I see what you wrote: You are just a GAY... Well, this is not that kind of community

Harryojr (2011-03-09)

I've installed this several time and all the planes are white, no texture or anything...Any help?

Superman90 (2011-03-16)

Hi lodestar738!
Is this Wilco 737 PIC Windows 7 version?:) Because I get Fatal Error with Wilco 737 PIC :( I'm using W7 64bit. So I'll gonna try out this one you have uploaded:)

Nofsan123 (2011-03-20)

Thanks for sharing !

lodestar738 (2011-03-21)

Superman90: I have windows 7 64bit, it work's fine.
Nofsan123: you welcome

sinsnowman (2011-04-01)

Request: Wilco Airbus Evolution

heli3 (2011-04-28)

Req: Aerosoft Diamond DA-20 Katana 4X

petey293 (2011-06-02)

Going crazy fast at 2.1 MB/s right now...
I'll see how it works, should be fine.

petey293 (2011-06-03)

Works great! Thanks.
If anyone is having the problem where textures are white, just disable Preview Direct X 10

CptReview (2012-05-27)

TORRENT works like a charm. No errors were found, comes with a lot of liveries and so far I'm satisfied. However, If you are getting this for FSX do not install "f1_fsx_vcrainfix" and that it. Thank you lodestar for this great torrent. :)

Ealmonte (2012-10-14)

i keep getting Invalid error "0x0003039". I fanyone know the solution plz comment

Ealmonte (2012-12-25)

Can someone help me. Its says the setup runs on 16 bit and is not compatible with my 64 bit.

Allen.Gomez (2014-02-01)

When i try to install i get error Invalid data "0x0003039" can somebody help me ?

akplane (2014-04-19)

My efis and switches won't work at all. Seems like a licensing issue perhaps? Any ideas?


1. 737 PIC/737 PIC/737 PIC.rar 3393.36 Mb
2. 737 PIC/f1_fsx_vcrainfix/f1_fsx_vcrainfix.exe 1.12 Mb
3. 737 PIC/FS9 patch/737PIC_CDupg9a.exe 55.69 Mb
4. 737 PIC/FS9 patch/FS9 patch.txt 165 bytes
5. 737 PIC/instalation.txt 699 bytes