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Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4




Software PC


Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4




2010-11-04 (by Anonymous)


Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4 Compatible With: Windows 7, Vista & XP What's New: Windows 7 Compatibility (otherwise identical to v3). Includes: Spelling & Grammar Check, Equation Editor, Charts... Excludes: Help, Macros... Usage Notes -> Simply launch your desired application (there's no installation). -> Your settings are stored in the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder, delete it to start fresh. Note: 'Delete Thumbnails' deletes all thumbnails stored in the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder and prevents them from coming back (since they can grow to hundreds of megabytes). It must be re-applied if you delete the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder. Note: Excel links to files within Word, so if you rename 'Microsoft Word 2007' Excel won't open.


  1. office
  2. microsoft
  3. 2007
  4. windows 7
  5. win7
  6. vista
  7. word
  8. excel
  9. usb
  10. portable

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217.74 Mb




matesio (2010-11-05)

THX..for your torrent !! to Win 7/32x

JoeMaximum (2010-11-05)

v3 had trojan in the excel shortcut ... is this one still infected?

HMNBNG (2010-11-05)

v3 didn't have a trojan, nor does v4. It was a false positive. Verify this by uploading it to virustotal, which tests it against ~50 fully updated virus apps.

JoeMaximum (2010-11-05)

Why would a false positive be detected in a shortcut file ??
Plus , the uploader is "anonymous" so its not like he can be 100% trusted ...

BillVero (2010-12-02)

The download was checked with Kaspersky. Works perfectly well with Windows 7 64 bit Home edition. Many thanks.

BillVero (2010-12-02)

Works great on Windows 7 64 Bit. Thank you.

pizzizle (2010-12-02)

so yey or ney on the virus and where?

jhoelzler (2010-12-09)

no virus, just a false positive and some guys scared shitless

RangerDimidr0 (2010-12-17)

Works great even on Celeron 666 Mhz, 256 Mb RAM, WinXP.
Thanks to author!

Maxwell_O (2010-12-23)

One of the best torrents ever. Downloads fast and there's no installation required. Many thanks and a Merry X-mas!

johnmcarr (2010-12-23)


If you're so concerned about viruses, trojans, and rootkits, why the HELL are you on a torrent site to begin with?

Chasenuva1 (2011-01-05)

when i downloaded this, i was instantly struck by a virus that locked all of my programs. games, apps, ANTIVIRUS, etc. ALL GONE!

HMNBNG (2011-01-07)

@ Chasenuva1
According to you this app has "a virus that locked all of my programs. games, apps, ANTIVIRUS, etc. ALL GONE!"
If true then the same thing would happen to the 10s of thousands of other people who have downloaded this app which has over 500 seeds?
Like I said before this app was tested against dozens of antivirus apps so there isn't a virus, and certain not one as malicious as you claim.
Either something else messed up your computer or you made it up, perhaps you work for Microsoft or simply dislike piracy.

immapirateyay (2011-01-23)

Works great on windows 7.
NO virus, scanned with Avast.
I tried putting the files on a thumb drive, and copying them over to my windows 7 desktop to use, but it didn't work, so I'm re-downloading on this comp. I'll let you know if it'll work on my desktop.

immapirateyay (2011-01-23)

Oh, and THANK YOU - I desperatly needed Word for my ...stuff. ;)

brennennn (2011-02-10)

Thanks for the upload, will seed for a week or two. About to try to install on vista, that will work right?

O_P_E (2011-02-12)

Many thanks! You saved my physics lab reports. Oo doesn't have quadratic trend lines (!!!!!!). Totally breezy to use. Thanks a million.

sammmmurai (2011-02-21)

This works really great on Win7 x86 and x64!
Nice work!
But ... it is missing PowerPoint ...
When or where can get a version with PowerPoint Portable for Win7 x86 and/or x64 ?

sammmmurai (2011-02-21)


Campbellsville (2011-02-22)

Great upload! and for all you dumb asses its CLEAN!!! every antivirus and malware tools out there say so. its a nice program :) I am happy with it

SteveW1964 (2011-02-25)

This file does NOT have a virus, what the hell is that all about?
Thanks to the original poster (who probably wants to stay anonymous to prevent Microsoft tracking him/her) works great on Windows 7. Your efforts are appreciated.

Biofaker (2011-04-03)

Thank you very much! The torrent is really great. And I know who is virus. It's Chasenuva1 :)

gnetix (2011-05-08)

Thanks for the upload! Works for me on Win 7 ultimate-32 bit.
No virus here either. I use Kaspersky.

dmc_ (2011-05-31)

lol @kimsen
Same here brother. This is one of the best torrents on thepiratebay period.
Awesome seeder count, awesome package.

lonergan2468 (2011-06-25)

I downloaded it, but I can only open word, I need excel 2007 for study purposes....please help
[email protected]

28.kblo (2011-07-11)

fast download - NO VIRUS

blackblah40 (2011-08-17)

I loaded up Excel no problem, when I attempted to click on "Help" (which I know now is not included) my AVG detected a threat it called "Generic20.BHRU" in the "Microsoft Excel 2007.exe" and subsequently quarantined and deleted it.
I'm certainly not claiming this is a serious threat, perhaps its something benign I don't understand. Just thought I'd let people know and possibly get some feedback. :)

Dr.Noots (2011-08-21)

Thank you for uploading, this works a treat.

queenb26 (2011-09-07)

Works awesome!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!

CertainSeven (2011-09-20)

No key required?

darkgenacide (2011-09-20)

Anonymous I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
I need this for college SO BAD!
No install and it works great:)

Dr.Noots (2011-10-13)

Thanks. This works a treat.

zuperduperboi (2011-10-25)

@ blackblah40
Tonnes of harmless downloaded installation files will be misinterpreted as threats by conventional Anti-Virus programs; just because they do doesn't mean they'll damage your computer. It's really just a means of eliminating any and all risks to secure the reputation of the Anti-Virus software: there's nothing worse for an Anti-Virus than having infected computers to its name.
GREAT torrent by the way, I recommend it wholeheartedly. This beats even "thethingy".

cillizpet (2011-11-02)

excellent d/l, cheers.

nic25magg (2011-12-01)

Works fine for me

trickyakhil (2012-01-20)

gr8 work....... Give me excel link also...

Blott16 (2012-02-18)

Thank you sooo much dude, iv tried literally everything, iv installed tens of trails and using toolkits to make them work, nothing has work and not as near as quick and painless as this method.

diksy86 (2012-04-04)

Great torrent, thanks for the upload!

rrrsssccc (2012-04-17)

I just downloaded this and it works fine. No issues. Thank you!

Rickachae (2012-04-19)

Have found back door trojin on opening - didnt scan - AVG picked it up }:

Roselive (2012-05-12)

No powerpoint?

xylazai (2012-06-06)

Works great! I can only speak for Word because I only downloaded Word. I needed it for school (I couldn't take OpenOffice anymore) and this is GREAT! Takes up minimal space, no installation, no viruses, and of course, free of charge. For an unemployed college freshman, this is a godsend. I have no complaints! THANK YOU for uploading! It's very much appreciated!

jmtucu (2012-07-02)

The Excel file has a virus, check the analysis from Virus Total here:

elbolli056 (2012-07-02)


Ign0tus (2012-07-12)

I'm still skeptical about the virus claim. The Virus Total scan had hits on 6/42 scanners (~15%). That's a low number imo. The Microsoft, Symantec, TrendMicro, Panda, Kaspersky, Comodo, ClamAV, BitDefender, AVG, and Avast scanners there all scanned clean among several other scanners. McAfee was one of the hits, but I don't have a lot of faith in them really even if they are one of the bigger names. Just my opinion.

kerrax (2012-07-18)

i got a problem when i try to open excel and word with this torrent, it appears ''opening excel.exe - registered as HumanBeing'' and then nothing happens. can anybody help ?

DaBoogieman3317 (2012-08-20)

only downloaded word. scanned it and open um my novel i been working on forever. when i get published i will shout you out ghost pirate thanx a mill

n.1332 (2012-10-05)

VIRUS ALERT! The moment I opened this file shit spewed from my computer all over my face and I had to hire a sanitation crew to clean it all up. Fuck man it costed $600 dollars to fix.

zombiekat (2012-10-19)

Works beautifully! LOVE not having to deal with serials or cracks. Word and Excel were exactly what I needed. THANKS!!!!! :D

AnTx11 (2012-11-03)

Perfect.. Clean torrent too.
Nov 2, 2012.

sj631 (2012-12-08)

thanks a lot was looking for both of these . works great .

sj631 (2012-12-08)

@n.1332 there is no virus in this. have a look again

ziddi_ (2012-12-13)

Is there any office portable version, which are compatible with windows 8 ?

EinStupid (2013-01-07)

THANKS And scanned with KAS

SkyeTM (2013-02-17)

Avira reported the Excel .exe to be a trojan rogue virus! Fortunately, I had enough time to remove it before it did any harm.. Be careful what you download guys, always read the comments!

sunsprite (2013-03-01)

as kerrax 2012 07 18..When I click on both .exe files, nothing opens..can someone tell me how I have erred?

zedroid (2013-03-03)

Crashes EVERYTIME I try to save the document and when it auto-saves. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. It took a long time to load at first and it says not activated, just click cancel.

wolfs2424 (2013-03-13)

Great file, no virus. Have it on three computers Works great. Especially since no key is needed, works as a separate file. Thanks

Radreamer (2013-06-12)

Excel is not included in this despite what the uploader says. Not worth it.

stijr (2013-07-14)


aiigghht (2013-08-08)

Doesnt work on windows 8

QBcrusher (2013-08-11)

Avira detected this as a TR/Rogue.7403408

Lochat (2013-09-12)

Dear ThePirateBay users:
If you don't understand what a 'false positive' is, much less have the ability to distinguish between one and a real threat, you posting your ignorance on the comments doesn't help anyone.
Spreading ignorance only harms people, despite your best efforts. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to heaven is paved with good actions. You can never know the difference until you have comprehension and understanding.

halikunst (2014-02-27)

I having been using TBP for quite awhile now and I made MADE an account just to comment on this awesome torrent!
No issues
Quick, fast, no isos, just the applications.
Awesome job!

Bloooddrunk (2014-04-07)

I've used this torrent maaaaaaaaaany times and it has never given me any single problem. No virus, no crashes, no nothing. Used in Windows XP, x86 and x64 Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Stop complaining and get a life.
Thank you a lot uploader, you have saved my life many times with this app.

bastitpb (2014-04-21)

@Lochat STFU regarding your 'False Possitive' insights on this torrent.. it will not win you the argument having the fact that this set of programs aren't legit at all and are just tweaked apps from an Anonymous, that we don't even have any idea on why he's uploading this BS apps filled with malicious contents.
I've downloaded it and scanned with AVG, it detected a Luhe Fiha AH trojan virus.
I've been using TPB for more than five years now and eventually I didn't had a need to register, until I found a virus in this Highly Seeded torrent that needs my comment to notify people about this..
This is the second time regarding this tagline "Portable Word"

classyfar (2014-06-06)

thank you!

classyfar (2014-06-06)

actually nvm, doesn't work on my win 8

Gakupo (2014-06-25)


rummy98 (2014-07-06)

Tried downloading twice, got a hash error both times around 20%. Any ideas?

maxiflex (2014-07-25)

it work's fine on win 7 64 bit
thanks :)

atryu (2014-08-06)

YOU AN IDIOT GO DESTROY YOUR PC WITYH AVG.. dont you know the Creator of avg left and doesnt use it himself.. hmm AVG SUCKS! stupid fuck learn real false positives and get rid of avG you fuck tard!~!

atryu (2014-08-06)

to everyone complaing DO NOT USE AVG!! avg is fucked you fucking tard.. smh avg has been shit for the past 6 years!!

cymen (2014-09-22)

great with windows 7, but doesnt work on windows 8.1


1. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/MSOffice2007Settings/%Local AppData%/Microsoft/Windows/Explorer/thumbcache_256.db 13 bytes
2. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/MSOffice2007Settings/%Local AppData%/Microsoft/Windows/Explorer/thumbcache_32.db 13 bytes
3. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/MSOffice2007Settings/%Local AppData%/Microsoft/Windows/Explorer/thumbcache_96.db 13 bytes
4. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/MSOffice2007Settings/%Local AppData%/Microsoft/Windows/Explorer/thumbcache_1024.db 13 bytes
5. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/Microsoft Word 2007.exe 217.69 Mb
6. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/Microsoft Excel 2007.exe 46.36 Kb
7. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/Readme.txt 797 bytes
8. Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4/Delete Thumbnails (See Readme).bat 498 bytes