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ftvgirls com 2010-11 Avril XXX [GoldenPirates]




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2011-10-21 (by GoldenPirates)


Another torrent from no viruses, no shit, no Bullshit, just pure PORN! Site: Team: Uploader/Ripper: goldenPirates More Golden releases here: and here: Enjoy! This torrent contains two videos, (split into several files), and four photosets. Previews and screenshots: cover face breasts vagina ass spreading running vid 1 screens vid 1 storyboard vid 2 screens vid 2 storyboard The video screenshots and storyboards are for only one file of each video. Screenshots and storyboards for all video files are in the torrent. Video descriptions from website: Model Comments: N/A Videographer/Photographer's Comments: This is the longest return shoot ever -- its been over 7 years since her shoot back in 2003, when FTV was just beginning (and I was still shooting with film photo cameras). She had retired from 'the business' for a while, but when she contacted me for a return, her extreme and sexy nature was welcome on FTV. Seeing her in person, she looks just as hot, now 29 years old. Her breasts are just as full and sexy, and she's looking in good shape. Unlike many pornstars that tend to 'wash up' as they get older, she looks really good for a 29 year old. No marriage or kids for her yet, she's been working full time in the health care industry. Her trying to have a real carreer away from porn hasn't been easy, because every time she has a new job, even when she dyed her hair brown, she is 'discovered' to be the pornstar Avy Scott. As the US is a conservative country, it doesn't work out too well for her. Still, she strives to have a real education, and she is one of the smarter girls I've worked with, and drug abuse-free (unlike many models who end up working porn for years). You'll notice the friendly, albeit-sarcastic banter between us, I remember even back in 2003 she had the same personality. The easygoing chemistry definitely helps in making a good shoot. Notice all the personal insights to her last few years' personal life is hinted at throughout the first two clips. Also another reason why I re-shot her, even with her being in the porn industry for so long -- she can have real orgasms, is genuine in personality, and doesn't like faking it (or making annoying porn sounds). After masturbating to an orgasm she gives us extreme closeups, and attempts to fist, though her reach isn't that good, so it was harder to get there, ending up being a 'near fist', though hot nonetheless. Going kinkier, she takes a rather large & thick shoe heel and penetrates with it deep. I love it when she starts riding the heel. Model Comments: N/A Videographer/Photographer's Comments: Most of you didn't know this -- but back in 2005 I had planned a return shoot for Avril for an extreme girl-girl with Kylie. Some real bad luck though, where Avril found herself stranded in the airport in Florida because of a hurricane that close the airport for a day. It was total bad timing from mother nature. So Kylie ended up doing another solo return shoot that weekend (and became her 3rd appearance on FTV in May 2005). So this part 2 is as kinky as it gets, starting with some extreme veggie action. Avril isn't exactly the most extreme girl by nature (ie. not a super gaping vagina) but she loves the challenge, and usually ends up succeeding. Starting with a summer squash, she pushes it in, and it 'locks in' to her vagina. Shows off how she can move it with her vagina, and I get all the hot angles. The giant zucchini is next, and we weren't sure she could penetrate herself with it, but the longer she used it, the deeper and wider it went. Without me asking her to do it, she started pushing fingers in while the zucchini was in her! Extreme for sure. A little topless running just to see the breasts bounce in the sun, then cool down with the water hose. She reveals that she had used the hose before when she was younger and experimenting (!) and we get to watch her squirt water and literally have sex with the hose. She's got a tight vagina, and she can 'suck in' the hose and water, its interesting to watch. Some more sexy angles, and then I turn up the water, so it becomes a gushing water fountain out of her vagina. What she did then, was totally spontaneous -- using it to stimulate her clit, and use it to orgasm. I didn't expect that, so it was a pleasant bonus surprise. The camera got wet of course, but it was worth the footage. To finish off, she puts on stockings & lingerie, deep throats a long anal toy, and penetrates herself anally. She goes to try 4 fingers up her butt as well. Again, she does something I didn't expect -- wanting to masturbate and get off again. So she uses her fingers to masturbate while the butt plug is in her. We go to the FTV coverpage room, and she gets to see her pictures on the wall, and say her goodbyes. In conclusion, I found this shoot very erotic, not just on how she gets off on all the kinky, but also the look she has -- all woman, all sexual. I think you'll agree.

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