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Windows Home Server OEM Activator V2




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Windows Home Server OEM Activator V2




2008-07-19 (by todd-h)


These files can be used to add OEM Activation to Windows Home Server. This has been designed for build 6.0.1500 or 6.0.1500.6. 1) You must edit the third line of the batch file and add the name of the folder that cantains the brand specific files. 2) If source of the files are not in the D: drive you must edit the second line. 3) Run the batch file BUILD.CMD. 4) Burn the output ISO file with your favorite DVD burning utility. 5) Install WHS to a Server with only 1 Hard Drive. Do not specify a product key or any custom information at this point. 6) When the install completes, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and end the OOBE Wizard. At this point Windows will not be activated yet. 7) Install any needed drivers. 8) Run the batch file C:\SYSPREP\WHSSYSPREP.CMD 9) If you are prompted with a firewall warning select "Allow". 10) After the server shuts down you can add additional drives or remove the DVD drive. You can also image the drive at this point if you have multiple servers. 11) Turn on the server and wait for it to start up. Do not do anything on the server console at this point. 12) Install the connector software on one of the client PCs and complete the OOBE wizard from a client PC.

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sprutt888 (2008-07-19)

Everything works fine till 8. Says the dvd has to be in the reader and nothing is happening.

todd-h (2008-07-20)

There is a bug in WHSSYSPREP.CMD. Replace each instance of "X:\i386" with "X:\SVR_2003\i386" it occures 3 times

sprutt888 (2008-07-21)

Thanks, that solved nr 8. Now i'm stuck at 12. The console at the client asks me for the password, but I can't find the right one. Tried Administrator, blank and everything else I could come up with...

dalinc (2008-07-24)

i was hoping to get some more information on the steps.. like why can it only have one hard drive?
and are the source files supposed to be on the original disc? some explanation on how/why this works would be good to... thanks in advance

wywywywy (2008-07-26)

If I use this CD to do a re-install on an existing installation, would it work? And does it work with PP1? Thanks.

todd-h (2008-07-28)

The way this works is by replacing the generic oembios files with manufacurer specific files and using an SLP key. Fore some reason the installation fails when using the SLP key so I install with a generic key and replace it with a SLP key with whssysprep. The 1 drive limitation is from the WHS OPK ducumentation.

todd-h (2008-07-28)

The the correct method to perform a reinstall for this type system is to reimage your c: drive with an image made at step 10. I don't have a DVD with PP1 so I don't know if it works.

wywywywy (2008-08-25)

So, can this crack be applied without a clean install? At the moment I have a trial install with Anti-WPA. I have only 1 hard drive and I didn't specify a product key when installing. Thanks.

turtle31 (2008-09-26)

I dont know what I am doing wrong, but I cannot get this to work. Anyone care to help? This is the first time I have had this many problems....

c0wz (2008-10-06)

Could not initalize UI subsystem.

rstran (2008-11-01)

I have a white box clone, does that mean I can't use this method? (not one of the three brand specific files?

InvaderF00 (2008-11-03)

Just tried that one out, followed what it said, edited the BUILD.CMD batch and corrected WHSSYSPREP.CMD, still no dice.
I get what it's trying to do and though it's pretty clever, it doesn't work. Overriding the OEMBIOS and SLP key ain't doing it... sorry. 30 Days and counting.

kb5rir1 (2010-08-28)

I got got it installed But i cant get the server connector working. it sees the server, it will even tell me my password hint. I keep getting the error (This operation cannot be completed at this time). i can connect with RPD and see the shared folders \\server\ but the the Console will not connect