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Coupling (Complete TV-Series)






Coupling (Complete TV-Series)


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2009-08-03 (by AkronSire)

Description: Season 01: Encoder/Group: iND Dimensions: 512x288 Season 02: Encoder/Group: PFa Dimensions: 640x352 Season 03: Encoder/Group: FoV Dimensions: 640x368 Season 04: Encoder/Group: SoniC Dimensions: 672x384 I'll add a bit more information later. :P

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6498.43 Mb




faanvet (2009-10-11)

The best series since Fawlty Towers.........
TQ......Will seed forever......

Devonmark (2009-11-27)

9 seeds and 20 peers and not even 10 kb/sec.. kidding me??

adp28 (2010-02-13)

Thanks for the complete series! And gr8 A+V quality.
A:10 V:10

DiZeeZ (2010-06-25)

Thanks! Great Series :D

swefredde (2010-09-05)

thanks =)
A:10 V:10 and a fast 15min downloadtime
i like

shasha2333 (2010-12-05)'re going to add some more NFO later? It's been a year and a half LOL

mecchom (2012-02-26)

Thank you.

MyFootHurts (2012-08-05)

episodes 3 and 4 of season 2 are mistitled, u need to swap them to watch them in order (which is annoying seeing as it's a 2 parter)

SparklyNunPanties (2013-06-11)

The episodes are in fact in the correct order, specifically
S02E09. Her Best Friend's Bottom (1)
S02E10. The Melty Man Cometh (2)
that is the proper order.
Props to AkronSire, thank you very much this is a terrific upload :)


1. Coupling/S01E01. Flushed.avi 229.70 Mb
2. Coupling/S01E02. Size Matters.avi 227.55 Mb
3. Coupling/S01E03. Sex, Death & Nudity.avi 228.16 Mb
4. Coupling/S01E04. Inferno.avi 230.74 Mb
5. Coupling/S01E05. The Girl With Two Breasts.avi 227.63 Mb
6. Coupling/S01E06. The Cupboard Of Patrick's Love.avi 240.01 Mb
7. Coupling/S02E07. The Man With Two Legs.avi 233.57 Mb
8. Coupling/S02E08. My Dinner In Hell.avi 233.94 Mb
9. Coupling/S02E09. Her Best Friend's Bottom (1).avi 233.85 Mb
10. Coupling/S02E10. The Melty Man Cometh (2).avi 234.06 Mb
11. Coupling/S02E11. Jane And The Truth Snake.avi 232.93 Mb
12. Coupling/S02E12. Gotcha.avi 233.83 Mb
13. Coupling/S02E13. Dressed.avi 234.03 Mb
14. Coupling/S02E14. Naked.avi 233.29 Mb
15. Coupling/S02E15. The End Of The Line.avi 234.07 Mb
16. Coupling/S03E16. Split.avi 230.85 Mb
17. Coupling/S03E17. Faithless.avi 230.78 Mb
18. Coupling/S03E18. Unconditional Sex.avi 230.76 Mb
19. Coupling/S03E19. Remember This.avi 230.66 Mb
20. Coupling/S03E20. The Freckle, The Key And The Couple Who Weren't.avi 230.72 Mb
21. Coupling/S03E21. The Girl With One Heart.avi 230.80 Mb
22. Coupling/S03E22. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.avi 230.80 Mb
23. Coupling/S04E23. Nine And A Half Minutes.avi 232.94 Mb
24. Coupling/S04E24. Nightlines.avi 232.99 Mb
25. Coupling/S04E25. Bed Time.avi 233.00 Mb
26. Coupling/S04E26. Circus Of The Epidurals.avi 232.99 Mb
27. Coupling/S04E27. The Naked Living Room (1).avi 230.62 Mb
28. Coupling/S04E28. Nine And A Half Months (2).avi 233.16 Mb