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After MASH All Episodes AfterMASH - WALTER Pilot / CBS Special Xvid avi






After MASH All Episodes - AfterMASH - WALTER Pilot / CBS Special


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2008-06-28 (by Adam42069gc)


IMDB #tt0084969 The Korean War has ended. Colonel Potter, Sergeant Klinger, and Father Mulcahy find themselves together once again, this time at a veteran's hospital. This is the show "After MASH" which only ran for one and less then a half of a second season. There is a total of 29 shows. The last episode (29th one) has never been show to this day. I am missing the next to the last episode, which is the 28th show (02x08). I found these for sale (lol!) on iOffer for $12 for four DVDs. Someone bought them and uploaded the 4 WHOLE DVDs. I downloaded them, encoded them in Xvid format and split them into files. The quality is alright, not good enough though that would justify selling them for any ammout on an auction site! The last episode (02x07) even has the VCR time, counter and the word play at the top of the screen for the entire episode! Even though the quality isn't great, it's good enough if you want to see these great shows since they are not available on DVD and probably won't be anytime soon or ever. I am also including W*A*L*T*E*R which is a pilot that was never picked up but it was shown as a CBS special July 17th 1984. IMDB #tt0203189 After Walter "Radar" O'Reilly returns home from Korea, he joins the local police force. His adventures include tracking his stolen wallet, breaking up a fight between two strippers, and helping out a homeless boy.

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sefred (2008-06-29)

fast as i can get it ill help seed

Adam42069gc (2008-07-05)

Everyone please try to seed to at least 1.0 after downloading. Lets keep this rare show / torrent alive and kickin!! :-)

Dipsyskrull (2009-03-01)

Thank you; The WALTER Pilot is a legend.

Quietcub (2010-01-22)

Been looking for these episodes! Thanks for them!

Flatheadmill (2010-05-17)

Great download, thankyou. It was fun to hear the old exit anouncements and see some of the old comercials that made it through.

NipponJeikobu (2010-11-12)

Please seed this and let me know! I'd like to download this, and I can help seed it, but right now I just get a "Tracker request failed" message and it says 404 not found. Could you please help me out?

anth303 (2011-02-21)

help people keep this one alive and seed , im barely getting 0.5kbps

Animby (2011-09-22)

Just finished rewatching all the M*A*S*H episodes and was thrilled to find this torrent. Thanks to everyone who is helping to seed it. I'll help as soon as I can...

twin_loverrr (2011-09-29)

Your description, the title and the file list all disagree with each other. Please be more accurate. It's not "all episodes" if one or more are missing. You say #28 is missing, but the file list clearly shows that 28 AND 29 are missing despite your going into detail about the quality of #29. DOES NOT COMPUTE.

disp2030 (2012-12-28)

This is missing Season 2 Episode 29 Saturday's Heros. Season 2 Episode 30 Wet Feet that was supposidely not aired but I found it on you tube in a foreign language with no subtitles. And Season 2 Episode 31 All day all night, Mary Ann which was not produced/

timmyg47 (2013-11-28)

Please seed this I have been stuck at 76% for 4 days now

chrisewells (2014-01-25)

Please seed as I have been stuck at 82.66% since last Nov.


1. After MASH/After MASH Episode List.txt 2.49 Kb
2. After MASH/Season 1/01x01-Pilot.avi 280.80 Mb
3. After MASH/Season 1/01x02-Klinger vs. Klinger.avi 140.89 Mb
4. After MASH/Season 1/01x03-Snap, Crackle, Plop.avi 143.11 Mb
5. After MASH/Season 1/01x04-Staph Inspection.avi 143.35 Mb
6. After MASH/Season 1/01x05-Night Shift.avi 140.70 Mb
7. After MASH/Season 1/01x06-Shall We Dance.avi 143.37 Mb
8. After MASH/Season 1/01x07-Little Broadcast of '53.avi 142.24 Mb
9. After MASH/Season 1/01x08-Sunday, Cruddy Sunday.avi 143.15 Mb
10. After MASH/Season 1/01x09-Thanksgiving of '53.avi 141.90 Mb
11. After MASH/Season 1/01x10-Fallout.avi 144.84 Mb
12. After MASH/Season 1/01x11-Bladder Day Saints.avi 140.98 Mb
13. After MASH/Season 1/01x12-All About Christmas Eve.avi 141.36 Mb
14. After MASH/Season 1/01x13-Chief of Staff.avi 139.85 Mb
15. After MASH/Season 1/01x14-C.Y.A..avi 129.21 Mb
16. After MASH/Season 1/01x15-Yours Truly, Max Klinger.avi 143.24 Mb
17. After MASH/Season 1/01x16-It Had to Be You.avi 143.01 Mb
18. After MASH/Season 1/01x17-Odds and Ends.avi 140.89 Mb
19. After MASH/Season 1/01x18-Another Saturday Night.avi 138.23 Mb
20. After MASH/Season 1/01x19-Fever Pitch.avi 142.28 Mb
21. After MASH/Season 1/01x20-Up and Down Payments.avi 144.47 Mb
22. After MASH/Season 2/02x01-Less Miserables.avi 137.55 Mb
23. After MASH/Season 2/02x02-Calling Doctor Habibi.avi 140.93 Mb
24. After MASH/Season 2/02x03-Strangers and Other Lovers.avi 144.39 Mb
25. After MASH/Season 2/02x04-Trials.avi 109.76 Mb
26. After MASH/Season 2/02x05-Madness to His Method.avi 140.76 Mb
27. After MASH/Season 2/02x06-The Recovery Room.avi 140.31 Mb
28. After MASH/Season 2/02x07-Ward Is Hell.avi 146.88 Mb
29. After MASH/Torrent downloaded from 47 bytes
30. After MASH/WALTER/WALTER - Title & Description.txt 675 bytes
31. After MASH/WALTER/WALTER.avi 141.92 Mb