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Far Cry 2 PC Windows Game Full Game + Serial + Crack + PowerISO




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Far Cry 2 PC Windows Game Full Game + Serial + Crack + PowerISO




2009-02-05 (by MovieManL33T)


Far Cry 2 PC Game. Type: Full Retail DVD copy Language: English Crack: YES Serial: YES Backup of original .exe: YES Other: Includes a copy of PowerISO + Serial Instructions: 1. Burn or mount with included PowerISO or extract to folder with WinRAR 2. Install game 3. Copy FarCry2.exe from Crack + Serial folder to C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/Far Cry 2/bin 4. Create a shortcut to desktop (if one wasn't automatically created) 5. Play the game


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3769.86 Mb




0150steveo (2009-02-09)

i need the key?

kopite93 (2009-02-24)

The serial code doesn't work!

deanodonatello (2009-02-28)

very good torrent whats the cd key have you put it on the torrent thanks
this is probably the most relable game torrent iv seen in a while

deanodonatello (2009-03-02)

files missing?

Fleuv (2009-04-04)

Activation process has been terminated. Please make sure the SERIAL has been entered correctly.

Click BACK to attempt another activation, click MANUAL ACTIVATION to activate manually or click CANCEL to abort. If the problem persists please visit

The SERIAL was not found in the database. Most likely the SERIAL has been entered incorrectly.
all serials don't work

happy90 (2009-05-07)

where is my setup.inx. it wont let me install it!

Svamprally (2009-05-07)


happy90 (2009-05-08)

hey everyone i figured it out if you havent yet. when you put the crack in the bin folder click in the crack not the other one then the game will start

{Reingold} (2009-06-06)

For a quick way to make your system fast to play games at their best click my name and download the torrent "Make Your Windows XP Clean And Fast"

Sparx10 (2009-06-24)

hehe sure Reingold, i'll just disable my anti-virus and firewall because ur torrent told me to. yeah right. moron.

Lionssaul (2009-10-24)

Good torrent! Don't know why all these fokes r cryin fore.. But fore me it worked just fine :D Just follow the instructions and you 'll be fine

ryandezwart (2009-12-22)

cant find the crack

ryandezwart (2009-12-22)

heey i downloaded and installed and that shit he updated i didnt need a crack code just after installing open it with daemon tools lite and just play even mulitplayer without a crack code ;) thanks

anon_3a (2011-06-17)

worked well an annoying note after i put the crack
in the far cry folder the game auto updated and
patched over the crack i hadn't thought to back the crack up. make sure you copy paste the crack unless you want to go hunting for another lol... If you do fail like i did
this works

anon_3a (2011-06-17)
>_> copy paste failed

aisajib (2011-07-03)

@Lionssaul, how did you manage to play? I can't.

iseedpl0x (2011-07-27)

Yes, the crack does work. When you paste it in the bin folder you have to double click on the crack, not the game its self. This has worked for me and now i am playing the game and it runs 100% ultra graphics and everything. Only one problem. My map is really pixelated but i'm working around that right now. Thanks for the torrent and i am now seeding.

iseedpl0x (2011-07-27)

Oh and btw, You can create a short cut from the Game (crack) to your desktop to have easy access. Happy gaming everyone.

Leomar_LSS (2011-10-17)

download - extract then copy and replace it to your "bin" folder..

zuzcus (2011-10-23)

thanx movieman33t

nikosdrifter (2012-01-05)

bullshit everything is missing i mean the dll files i downloaded the dlls and applied the crack and nothing when i click to play one little window writing FAR CRY 2 and suddenly another window pops up and says there is a problem. i applied a lot of cracks but nothing bullshit,bullshit and bullshit

piujoga10 (2012-01-13)

pega windows 7 ?

kejser11 (2012-02-19)

Great torrent! I followed instructions, and everything worked 100%!! Perhaps all the moaners should learn to read and follow instructions. Would save the rest of us from a lot of misspelled abuse!

facecard (2012-03-19)

I don't seed until I know it's a working torrent... works 100%, just follow the simple steps. Am seeding for the needy!

goofygoofgoof (2012-06-08)

I am Seeding this!!! Excellent Torrent Works like a charm. A million Thanks!!!!

JEMARXD (2012-07-13)


JEMARXD (2012-07-13)


incoherence (2012-07-17)

I got what I torrented for, no bullshit here. When downloading click "Custom Install", (I'm not entirely sure if this affects anything as I haven't installed with this option checked) uncheck "Anti-cheating Punk Buster" I wouldn't want that bullshit on my computer.

RadRob (2012-10-21)

Good shit here, worked like a charm.

eric_22_labo (2012-10-29)

this torrent is great im seeding this right now

eric_22_labo (2012-10-29)

please help im being asked for an activation key. where can i find it? i've been trying to put the cd keys found in the crack folder but to no avail. please help

shailendramaxx (2012-11-11)

Installed without any problem, the game works but it is freezing for few seconds. Plz help.

LucazSwe (2013-01-03)

So many positive comments, i'm getting this!

LucazSwe (2013-01-03)

Yay it works! When i was replacing the crack i didn't replace the old one.
Thanks for the tip.

kuske93 (2013-04-18)

It works,thanks :)

weedweed (2014-04-28)

torrent works, downloadtime less than 2 hours.
no virus, game works great, thx.

I.C.B.M. (2015-03-24)

100% Perfect.
Thanks my friend.


1. Far Cry 2/Backup Original exe/FarCry2.exe 5.27 Mb
2. Far Cry 2/Backup Original exe/Info - Read This.txt 305 bytes
3. Far Cry 2/Crack + Serial/CD Key.txt 103 bytes
4. Far Cry 2/Crack + Serial/FarCry2.exe 34.44 Kb
5. Far Cry 2/FARCRY2.iso 3763.56 Mb
6. Far Cry 2/Power ISO+serial.rar 1008.79 Kb
7. Far Cry 2/Torrent downloaded from 47 bytes