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Windows XP Pro Lite Xtreme w/SP2 [Barenaked Version] reseeded




Software PC


Windows XP Pro Lite Xtreme w/SP2 [Barenaked Version] reseeded




2005-10-30 (by sumstew)


Greetz, This version of XP Professional Corp Ed has been stripped down to the bare minumum. It runs lightning fast on anything 600Mhz and higher with 128MB or RAM or more but I have stripped this version down so that it can be run on anything with as little as 64MB RAM and a 266Mhz processor. It contains only the bare minimum services and support to run: audio, print, networking. Most services have been disabled or set to 'manual'. It contains SP2 and will autoupdate without a problem. You can do an unattended install and do not have to worry about entering a product key or activation. The iso is only 113Mb and will easily fit onto any pocket CD with plenty of room to spare. The full install will only take less than 200MB space. Enjoy this lightning fast Xtremely stripped down version of XP Pro w/SP2 that I have labeled the 'Barenaked Version'. It is as light a version of Windows as you will ever find. Phil

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113.99 Mb




burlapian (2006-01-27)

Love it!

ex0s (2006-02-12)

Does this have Internet Explorer? don't bash it because there are times that you need it...

bejjo (2006-02-20)

Ill just installed Youre "lite" version, and I love it, but, I having a greate problem with my firewirecard, I cant get any drivers from any vendor. How shall I do to make it work.

DrutterFun (2006-02-24)

guys can u plz answer me few questions?
are there support for foreign keyboards? i mean i.g. russian/poland/czech etc?
are there any drivers? cuz i have old system and i don't think i can found all drivers on net...
and is there working firewall which came with sp2? it's pretty all i need (don't wanna some complicate just simple firewall for simple user)...
thx for answers...

DolphWulff (2006-03-13)

guys, check this out to add keyboards: Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator:

Install it on a machine with a full XP version, open it up, select the keyboard language you want as a base, use the "create setup package" function, copy to the barenaked xp installation, run it, voila! you have Danish, Swedish, whatever layout you need! :)

DolphWulff (2006-03-13)

btw, this is neither sp1 nor sp2, it's just a clean xp corporate edition, build 2600 rtm! beautiful! :)
a tip: if you want usb 2.0 support without installing sp1, try googling for Q312370_WXP_SP1_x86_ENU.exe - that's the hotfix for usb 2.0.

chizzac (2006-05-10)

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Tunae (2007-03-10)

Seed pleace!

Power_PC (2007-04-06)

try too download... have 17.3% and my system suck........... I tinkh i love it
(((((are going too messdage my friends √°bout

Power_PC (2007-05-01)

how i bearn it

Power_PC (2007-05-01)

how can i run it on my cpu
how can i install/setup it on my cpu
can somebody help me i'v build computer and can't install/setup this

ciccobricco (2007-06-24)

Can you suggest me an easy way to add one more language to your OS?
Tnx a lot.

smoq (2007-12-06)

supersonic... works great. In PERFECT WORLD Microsoft and Apple are doing such builds :) thanks

smoq (2007-12-11)

Ok.. lame question - how to run autoupdate on this? It's on for 30minutes now - so I gues it had a chance to check for updates :/

1211 (2008-02-16)

I'll be seeding this for a while, best windows version I ever found on the web

TeekZz (2008-02-26)

Haven't installed yet, but I will be seeding for awhile as well.
Thanks for this!

kbb509 (2008-02-29)

Hello, am wondering about this one. Have installed it 3 times and I must say am really impressed about the awsome speed. BUT! When I get to the partition part in the installation, it says that I only got 131 GB.. but the thing is that my HD is on 500 GB so where the F did the other 320 gig go? enyone who can tell me how to do?

andycul (2008-04-25)

Im having issues with this OS
* Yahoo Messenger - It wont connect or login
* - Getting dll error requesting to reinstall, but its a clean install chikka.
* Microsoft Access any version getting dll missing error.
Is there a fix for this?

ace-x (2008-08-12)

im having problems on burning this. what do i do? i have nero. please someone tell me step by step on what to do. ive wasted like 8 cd's trying to do it but i dont know how. ive never done iso files before.

ace-x (2008-09-17)

wow i commented on this torrent over a month ago!! i didnt even remember till i came back to this, and scrolled down to see my comment lol..
and i did FINALLY learn how to burn it. bootable iso.

vinsup (2008-10-17)

Just the thing I was looking for.
I have downloaded the iso and burnt it on a CD.
The reason for doing this was I wanted to have a (free) netbook option on an old unused Dell Latitude L400 lying in the house. The installation went very smoothly, but I realised that it doesnt have support for pcmcia / wifi cards.
Is there a way for sorting this out? Also I tried installing IE 6, but it doesnt work.
Any help will be appreciated.

hurdler49 (2008-12-25)

It works fine on my old Panasonic CF-48 Toughbook (600mhz Celeron, 64mb ram, 10gb hard drive). It runs like a charm and boots really fast.
Is there any way to make the PCMCIA card slots (Ricoh 5c478) work?
I can't seem to find any drivers from the net.

qasemahm (2008-12-27)

please seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
please seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

daphaze (2009-12-31)

can't use this, no PCMCIA slot support, various other unknown drivers, Windows Update does not function, no using chrome browser, even USB drive had to load drivers from CD separately I think. Moving to a larger build, sorry

Fimake (2010-02-05)

thanks lot man! hope this will work! :)
good job mate!

novembersierra28 (2010-02-17)



timeujmass (2010-05-29)

can this version of window install language pack or keyboard from an original windows CD?

timeujmass (2010-05-31)

This OS same as this post,

but they say was without any sp??? But here say wit SP2??
And "I386\SFC_OS.DL_" contain of "TR/Sfc.A.mod Trojan", anyone please help.

Nalog66rus (2010-06-23)

You shit! Took it here

& wrote: "I have labeled the 'Barenaked Version'"?????