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HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bi




Software PC


HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bi




2009-05-19 (by torrentz_rock73)


-----HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit----- ************these will only work on HP products*********** 1. extract the files with 7zip you can get it here: 2. burn the 3 ISOs to 3 blank DVDs with ImgBurn you can get THAT here: ___________________________________________________________________________ ***NOW, follow these steps: Starting the recovery from recovery discs Use the following steps to recover the computer from a set of recovery discs (either CDs or DVDs): 1. Turn on the computer, if it is not already on, and insert the first recovery disc labeled #1. 2. After the first disc is in the drive and the drive is closed, turn off the computer by pressing and holding the power button. 3. With the computer off, disconnect all connected devices and cables such as the Personal Media Drive, USB drives, printer, and fax. Remove media from drives, and remove any recently added internal hardware. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord . 4. Turn on the computer. The computer opens the Recovery Manager program. 5. By default the Recovery Manager will be set to run a System Recovery from the inserted recovery disc. Click Next . 6. On the screen that prompts for Microsoft System Restore select No , and then click Next . 7. The Recovery Manager gives you the option of backing up your data files. To do so, read Backing up your files . If you do not want to backup your files, select No , and then click Next . 8. Read and respond to the screens as they appear. If a screen prompts for a disc, insert the next disc. In some cases, you may have to repeatedly insert the same disc several times before the screen allows you to continue. 9. After the System Recovery is complete, the computer restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup. Then, turn off the computer, reconnect all peripheral devices, and turn on the computer. 10. Before using the computer, update and protect your computer. Reinstall any virus and security software that was installed before the System Recovery. 11. Reinstall any software applications that were after purchasing the computer, and any files that were backed up.


  1. Recovery
  2. Vista
  3. 64 bit

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picassolover1 (2009-05-20)

sorry to be a noob what do you men by hp products many thanks and don't slaughter me lol

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-20)

no problem picassolover1! i am a noob too for all intents and purposes. the only stupid question is the one not asked! by hp products i mean Hewlet-Packard desktop pc's and laptops. please feel free to ask questions. anyone who rips someone who is only trying to learn is a fuckstick anyway. someone had to answer their questions.

picassolover1 (2009-05-20)

Hey many thanks torrentz_rock73 its nice that i didn't get slaughtered lol i thought it was but was scared too say as sometimes some pple say if you dont know what ure doing u shouldn't be on here !! but as i say many thank for the kind words and have a great day and have a beer on me lol wish everyone could be as polite as torrentz

picassolover1 (2009-05-20)

right i am pushing my luck here i have downloaded an vista activator the question is when do i activate the activator after i have istalled the windows vista sp2 is it straight after or when i have installed all my other software many thanks

framitz (2009-05-20)

An excellent way to set up or restore a system completely loaded with crapware out of the gate.
A BAD way to go.
Clean install of the OS is faster, cleaner, and will leave a better running system.

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-20)

alright, a couple of comments:
framitz i uploaded this purely for the average everyday user who would like to restore their HP to it's original working state without all the hassle of finding drivers and such. remember, not everyone is an advanced user like you and I.
second, picassolover1 are you using these on an HP that originally came with windows vista home premium 64 bit? how bout this, go to and register. it is a very useful forum for the pirate bay. Also, you can PM (private message) me there. same username as here. i will do my best to answer your questions and assist you in any way. also, depending on what you are trying to accomplish i may have a better route for you. as for your question about the activator, if you are planning on using it for THIS torrent and you ARE installing on an hp that came with the software initially, you probably will not need it. PM me at SuprBay. i will check it here and there and reply quickly.

picassolover1 (2009-05-21)

torrentz_rock73 hi again i have had a look round the forum ended up scratching my head lol, i didnt need this torrent but what i need was a clean install of windows as this is a pre installed computer and i am fed up having all the rubbish that comes with it !!!i am using an acer and i know how to install widows and so forth but i was a bit wary of the activators as i have never installed one b4 ,the vista windows i was going to install was rezmans .the other thing do i have to use anything special to format the factory installed hard drive many thanks again torrentz_rock73 please be gentle lol

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-21)

picassolover1, wow, it is a small world. i happen to be running windows vista ultimate currently downloaded from none other than REZMAN1984. his torrents are fantastic and i have a ton of his shit. i don't know what kind of activator you are using but this is the one i am perfectly:[Vista]_[XP]_[Office]_Activator_REZMAN1984.7z
i highly recommend it. and no, windows installation will take care of the formatting for you. hey, one favor from you though! finish downloading this and seed it for a while? thanks

picassolover1 (2009-05-21)

hey torrentz_rock73 i aint downloading this as i use an acer buddy but if you got any torrent u need a hand with i will download and seed for you ask and ye shall recieve lol

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-22)

*****to all who are downloading this, thanks for your patience. when done PLEASE SEED! this thing has been eating up my bandwidth for almost 72 hours now and i see that several of you are gonna reach 100% soon. i learned my lesson on big torrents with this one. thanks*****

mupilamda (2009-05-23)

Hi torrentz_rock73
can I try this on my HP that came with 32bit Home Premium? i m a newbie but i searched some info on the net and found that i might require a 64bit hardware. I dont know such high level info regarding my laptop. I visited and found that I have a HP Pavillion dv9500 series. Any info will definately be appreciated and cherished (in the form of long time seeding as I will be the most benefited from it!).
Thanx a ton!

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-23)

mupilamda what kind of processor does it have?

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

its an AMD TURION 64x2 Mobile TL-58 1.9Ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 7150/nForce 630M
System Type 32-bit Operating System

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

i got this info from "Welcome Center"

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

Igot this info from "Welocme Center"

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-24)

ok mupilamda, yes your hp will run this but i am curious as to why you wanna switch from x86 (32 bit) to 64 bit? just wanna try it out or is this out of necessity i.e. your laptop is just f^

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

well its kinda both!
Once my internet wasnt working.After trying every possible thing, I unwillingly did a system recovery from the DVDs I created after the purchase and it just hanged on the 2nd DVD. I took it out for repair and they just installed the original OS but the recovery partition was missing.I pointed it out before picking it up and the technician said that make new Recovery discs and it will be recreated when I recover from the discs. but the recovery manager doesnt allow creating the discs as the recovery partition is missing.
And now he says I should order the discs from HP (approx.$50).
I do have the original discs (DVDs) that I can Upload if you might just want to look at. Any ways that will be my first upload and I will need some info on how to upload(or how to create) a torrent!

I also want to try out the Ultimate version as I like the Home Premium that I have ;)

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

And thanks very very much !!
dont forget you are good and we both like Rezman1984

mupilamda (2009-05-24)

ne1 plz seed:[
i am at 0% for more than a day.

torrentz_rock73 (2009-05-24)

ok mupilamda, here are a couple (well 3) links to some
check these out and while you are there, register and then you can PM (private message me) with questions. btw...i am still seeding this torrent along with several others out there. are you getting it now???

mupilamda (2009-05-25)

10q 10q 10q
i got it now
am at 3.2% as I write
it says 58.xx hrs. to complete.

mupilamda (2009-05-30)

I have finished downloading now and will be seeding for quite some time. But within a day or two I am going to try and use this, so I wont be seeding at that time. If any one needs a re-seed contact me "spurbay".

Mash8950 (2009-06-08)

Thanks a lot for the upload....Will this work in any hp laptop...I have a dv series...

mupilamda (2009-06-11)

Mash8950, this should work on any HP that can run 64bit. If it doesn't on yours, let me know here or on spurbay with your Hardware info like processor, RAM, etc. If I could, I will help you.
Take care pirate!

barfbite (2009-09-20)

I hope this will work on my HP Pavilion dv4 1225dx. Will it install all the drivers that I need?

Outlaw85 (2009-11-04)

plz seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 98.5%!!!

oceanpirate22 (2009-11-22) i wish i had an HP laptop to get this recovery disks but unfortunately, i have a sony vaio vgn-fw260j series...Does anyone know where i can download its recovery disks(windows vista HP 64-bit). Many thanks.

CainUAC (2009-12-04)

looking for a clean copy of vista home premium, so that i can regain my legal activation, also, if my original was 32bit, and i switch to 64bit, you think i wouldn't be able to maintain my original serial code? or is it a different one entirely? if so, i guess i must suffer with 32bit for the remainder of this laptops life... Win7, what a let down.

kimo0419 (2009-12-22)

Ok I have a hp m9340f. I put in first disk no problem I pressed next and then it asks for the supplemental recovery disc. I put disk #2 a total of 53 times I re-tried it and put in disk #3 46 times but it kept giving me the same answer " disc in drive is not the supplemental recovery disc. Any ideas?

ludoya (2009-12-25)

doesn't work with HP Pavilino dv9000
1.83 GHz Intel® Core? 2 Duo processor T5600
NVIDIA® GeForce? Go 7600
2048 MB DDR2 667 MHz
2x250 GB Samsung SATA

akosigreg (2010-05-04)

will this work on my hp g60-235dx...
processor: pentium(R) dual core cpu t4200 @ 2 ghz
ram: 3gig
system type: 32 bit

wewehello (2010-06-19)

Does not support HP Pavilion TX1417cl

Tiuku85_ (2010-11-18)

So does this help when I have istalled Windows 7 for my Compaq 615 and would like to recover the original Windows Vista Home Premium from recovery partition? The f11 tool doesn't work.

mrtoad1984 (2011-01-12)

Does this version of Vista include any service packs?

musp3r (2011-05-04)

Dear All,
After I've searched for HP recovery discs, I've found out that I can boot HP recovery partition using Hackintosh boot CD (search-fu for iBoot).
This is working 100% if you have bootable recovery partition on your notebook/pc hard drive.
Best of luck!

l3rooks3 (2012-05-24)

took of the master record on disc one . . .

l3rooks3 (2012-05-24)

i am going to try this on my hp pavilion dv5 on friday i will report back as it is for a hp pavilion just don't no what modle . . . . .

drmusic4771 (2014-08-09)

torrentz_rock73 What model did you have to upload this just wondering. Thanks a lot !!

drmusic4771 (2014-08-09)

What model is this from ? Hp what


1. HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit/HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.7z 8994.11 Mb
2. HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit/_____padding_file_0_if you see this file, please update to BitComet 0.85 or above____ 1.89 Mb
3. HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit/READ ME!!! HP Recovery.txt 4.22 Kb
4. HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit/_____padding_file_1_if you see this file, please update to BitComet 0.85 or above____ 2.00 Mb
5. HP Recovery Disks (set of 3) for Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit/Torrent downloaded from 47 bytes