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Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) revival 6 2009




Software PC


Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) revival 6 2009




2009-06-10 (by Anonymous)


for details on upcoming release check out
superior64. blogspot. com
Superior XP64 Revival Edition is recommended over all older XP64 releases. This is not "warez", no files are "cracked" in this OS and everything is guaranteed virusfree. (And yes, that includes cmdow.exe: Don't pay for this download. Don't trust other sources of this OS. Upload was done on ThePiratebay,and demonoid.
This is a clean SECURE thoroughly tested A/V & IT Expert's version of XP64.
Built upon Windows XP Professional x64 Edition retail SP2 (NT 5.2.3790.3959).
With inline *corporate* Volume License Key, so this release passes the
"Windows Genuine Advantage" checks, and a product key is NOT needed (see
\AMD64\WINNT.SIF on the iso if you need the key for Virtual installs). Have
a key of your own? Try this:
XP x64 supports up to 128GB of RAM !
This Windows version is designed to work with 64-bit processors from AMD and
Intel that support the x64 extensions to the x86 architecture. These include
Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Mobile Athlon 64, Turion 64, Opteron processors from
AMD, and all Xeon, Pentium 4, Dual, Quad & 8 Core Intel setups with EM64T.
This XP is Multilingual User Interface ready (ALL Languages/Keyboard types!),
and is more complete than earlier releases, including Outlook Express and IE8 !
If you are a beginner, at least make sure your system is really
XP64 is intended for those who - like us - prefer a Classic minimal
approach, those who prefer OpenOffice, do audio- or video-editing, creative
and developing work, and/or those who generally wouldn't share their PC/laptop
with other users. You can however create new users and switch between them.
If you're the type that feels at home being Administrator
*all the time*, then this will be a Superior OS for
INSTRUCTIONS (read before
the .iso Image-file to DVD at 4 X speed or slower, use
No need to unpack anything, just burn the file directly, it's a boot-disc image.
( SHA1 of sxp64_revival.iso:
you can use to check this )
A fresh Install is recommended. Repair or Upgrade of existing Windows installs
has not been tested, but functionality for running setup.exe is 100% available!
Power on your PC/laptop, press the button for the system to enter BIOS.
Make sure your mainboard BIOS Version is up-to-date.
Set Power Management (ACPI) to Enabled in BIOS.
Change the Boot sequence to DVD (CDROM) first, then Save and Exit BIOS.
'Press any key' when asked to boot with the DVD, and after about 5 minutes
you should Quick-Format the desired storage partition for SXP64 to NTFS.
-> You only need to boot from DVD once, DON'T Press a key at the next boot !
-> You will be prompted for the Regional Settings. ALL files for Keyboards,
internationalization, input-languages are available, MUI support available!
-> Don't take out your DVD before installation is finished. Give the computer
sufficient time to decide what it must do, a good setup takes some time.
If you want to put SXP64 on a SSD, make sure you pre-align the
this *before* you use the SXP64 install
this version of XP really "Superior" to others
you buy XP x64 Edition from Microsoft you'll get a rather old CD. So you
go to the Windows Update website and find out you need to update your system
with hundreds of patches, new drivers and so on. This update-process creates a
lot of extra slack on your harddisk, backups of previous versions of numerous
system-files and drivers, and roll-back options you'll never use, remain there.
Superior XP (SXP64) already has the latest versions of system-files built-IN,
ALL official XP x64 updates released until June 10 2009 are fully integrated!
Some parts of the original Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition were
bound to go wrong for most users, or were never being used, so these facts have
been considered creating SXP64, causing the removal of many files and updating
of the registry. All is improved in so many ways that it warranted a freshly
created install image to get better speeds and a more reliable daily workflow.
If your CPU and motherboard support x64 (64 bit), then this might
very well be the fastest Desktop/Workstation system you can find!
What also makes this install-image superior is the fact that many storage media
controller drivers are already integrated. This means you can install this OS
directly on new RAID/S-ATA/AHCI and SSD hardware without trouble or
n t e g r a t e d (pre-installed) into this XP64 release :
- Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, with add-ons ConfigMania and AdBlockPlus
- Flash-player
- Shockwave
- Sun Java JRE 6u14 i586 & x64
- Internet Explorer 8 (plus all security updates and some settings we prefer)
- Windows Media Player 11
plus IE8 and Firefox plugins, extra smooth/safe with tweaks.
- Quicktime Lite 2.90
- K-Lite Codec Pack (klmcodec485)
- PSPad (5/12/2009) -> Brilliant freeware Text Editor, replacing Notepad.
Better than Editpad, textpad, notepad2 or notepad++
( notepad.exe is still there, under folder \Base\ )
- Total Commander 7.04a (king of filemanagers, with 7zip and iso-mount plugins)
- WinRAR 3.9 x64
- JKDefrag64 (replaces the Disk Defragmentation tool from MS)
- ERUNT -> Auto-backups state of registry, this crucial tool in essence
replaces System Restore, and works a LOT better! Info on using ERUNT:
Autoruns (right-click My Computer) -> Much better than using MSConfig
- PuTTy -> 64 bit SSH client, replacing telnet and hyperterminal.
- DirectX 9.26.1590 (64 bit & 32 bit)
Note that DirectX 10 for XP64 (plus a 9-10 Switcher tool)
can be found via the \Superior\ folder on your Desktop !
- Cool Themes ( the Themes service needs to be started ) ..
* Embedded Theme from “Windows Embedded Standard CTP Refresh.”
* Energy Blue Theme Pack from Kelsenellenelvian's True Royale Addon.
* Royale Noir from Kelsenellenelvian's Royale Noir addon.
* Tablet PC Style adapted from MrNxDmX's Tablet PC Style Energy Blue Theme
Addon Pack with WMP10 Skin & Fedora Inverse.
* Zune Theme from ricktendo64's Zune Theme addon.
* Windows Aero Shadow mouse pointer scheme from Windows Vista.
(note that wallpapers have been replaced by some of our own)
UXTheme.dll has been patched, you can install any theme you want!
- Some more gorgeous unique Desktop Wallpapers included.
- Useful extra Fonts and Cursors!
We really LOVE these effective and lightweight cursors. And we work with this
font-set because these are the ones we prefer. We've seen too many systemfonts
not to know what's best for us. We also think the desktop background is really
cool and warm and has depth. We don't want fancy-ass useless bullshit on our
screens, we need our machines to work for us, deliver quality and save time,
not be paintings on the wall. So, still think we could give a rats ass about
YOUR taste? Please design your own OS and push out your (ugly)
driver available for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition works in SXP64.
SOME drivers, BUT NOT ALL, are included and compatible hardware is checked
during installation. Only drivers for your hardware will be installed.
Intel, Realtek, Broadcom, Atheros ethernet/wireless drivers,
Gigabyte and many Intel chipsets/boards essentials.
All Intel(R) SATA AHCI RAID Controllers (Version
JMicron JMB36X RAID Processor (latest!)
Forceware 182.85 WHQL XP 64 (all known NV GeForce videocards supported)
Ethernet Driver (v67.89) WHQL
SATAIDE Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQL
SATARAID Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQL
SMU Driver (v1.61) WHQL
GPU Driver (v181.51) WHQL
SMBus Driver (v4.69) WHQL
Away Mode Driver (v6.0.6000.107) WHQL
All Windows core drivers, AnalogDevices/Realtek Media, HD and SoundMax,
but NO other extra audio-chipset drivers are integrated !
Still missing drivers?
Try and or ask the manufacturer
of your hardware brand about XP x64 drivers. They should supply them.
In most cases Windows 2003 x64 (server) and Vista x64 drivers work in SXP64
- Windows Search 4.0 (don't know anyone who uses it..)
- MS Silverlight (pfff..)
- Windows File Protection = DISABLED, but security catalogs still in tact!
- Indexing Service =
following have been REMOVED (looks like more than it really is!)
Applications #
Accessibility Options, Briefcase, ClipBook Viewer, All Games,
Defragmenter (replaced by JKdefrag!)
WordPad -> Get OpenOffice instead:
Multimedia #
AOL ART Image Format Support, Images and Backgrounds, Mouse Cursors,
Movie Maker, Music Samples, Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
# Network parts #
Some Communication tools, Internet Information Services (IIS),
MSN Explorer, Windows Messenger,
Peer-to-Peer (see
^- does not have influence on normal P2P (µTorrent, randpeer, Tor etc.)
# Operating System Options #
Administration Tools Pack and Templates, Document Templates,
Color Schemes, Windows Tour, DR Watson,
File and Settings Wizard, File System Encryption (try TrueCrypt instead!),
IExpress Wizard, MS Agent, Out of Box Experience (OOBE),
Private Character Editor, Search Assistant (who ever uses this?),
Security Center (Windows Firewall is still there!),
User Account Pictures (use your own)
# Services #
Alerter, Messenger, Simple TCP/IP Services, System Restore Service,
Telnet (telnet.exe removed as well, try typing putty at Run ;-)
( Check "Last Session.ini" in \sxp64\ for the actual nLite preset used..
Most of you need the .NET Framework install - 2.0/3.0 SP2 + 3.5 SP1
which is on the DVD/iso ( under folder \dot.NET\ ).
Simply Double-Click the .bat file in that folder and installation follows!
-> This OS boots without any graphics, because it's FASTER that way!
If you prefer the normal GUI stuff, take out /noguiboot /sos
from the boot-line in boot.ini
-> Commit Charge (Memory footprint) right after installation is ~120 MB !
-> Check the folder "Superior" on your desktop for lots of handy stuff,
like -for example- a file to set all XP x64 services to their Defaults.

There is a HUGE worldwide userbase supporting XP Pro x64 Edition,
for further updating, maintenance and advice, do check out these:
http://www. ryanvm.
turns out that a wide range of known applications, like those for Audio-
and Video- editing, encoding, mixing, muxing, BluRay/HD viewing and production,
as well as many scientific and no-nonsense apps used by media-professionals
and experts, in general, often perform faster and more efficient in XP64
than they do in Vista or Windows 7. Go XPx64 and make it better
This OS has many sophisticated registered tweaks applied. View the file
"X64_2009.REG" in "/Base/" on your system disk for details.
Or go to
- Max Half-open Connections limit for TCP has been raised to 8192.
- Hibernate = disabled, but still usable.
This SuperiorXP64 OS auto-logs on with:
username: Administrator
password: june2009
You can create your own auto-logon using TweakUI, which can be found
in the folder \dot.NET\ Tweakui needs to be installed first. ;-)
After that: Start Menu > Programs > Powertoys for Windows > etc. )
P.S. Many thanks to TPB, Dino Nuhagic, MSFN, Igor Pavlov, Ryan van der Meulen,
5eraph, Christopher L. Greer, Boooggy, Meowing, Kurt, Mike Edward Moras,
eXPerience, Iso-Tek, NewAge-OS and .:Y:.:A:.:B:. for inspiration and source(s) !


  1. Windows
  2. XP64
  3. x64
  4. x86-64
  5. amd64
  6. iso
  7. corporate
  8. superior
  9. nlite
  10. em64t
  11. wmp11
  12. ie8
  13. 2009

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1045.33 Mb




sxp64 (2009-06-11)


sxp64 (2009-06-11)

Two major things you should know:
- Google (or any other decent online search engine) will teach you whatever you want to know, as long as you search using the right words.
- Read the description. Learn how to be patient enough to read manuals. Focuss while reading. Learn how to look for answers and solutions in written text before asking away like a 7 year old.

phearZ (2009-06-11)

Gonna try this out, have a quick question, the integrated files and drivers that are implemented aren't installed right? They're just in a folder that with the installation files?

willhunter (2009-06-11)

oh i when google said that danny devito died in the 9-11 attack that was true? he is a walking zombie?
if i google giant douche who talks down to people who try and use a release you probably didnt even make in the first place...will your name come up?
2 things....
1- google is rarely right about answers as it only points you to keywords on webpages..not "right answers"
2- i hate people that count trying to make themselves sound smarter
@DanielJacksonMPC --yeah you should know that most xp releases are made my arabs or chinese kids, and its best to wait a few weeks to see how many trojans and hiddent crap are in them before using as your only O.S.
put it on a virtual drive to test it and be safe :)

sxp64 (2009-06-11)

@willhunter: What's your problem? I wrote:
"Google (or any other decent online search engine) will teach you whatever you want to know, as long as you search using the right words."
If you're not capable of reading and making judgements about what you read on the internet, don't waste our time please.
@phearZ: As it reads in the description:
Only drivers for your hardware will be installed.

sxp64 (2009-06-12)

Did you ever read a "final verdict" of the "stability" of ANY OS ? I'd like you to point me to such verdict. Operating systems are evolving by the day. As is XP x64, still.
This is XP x64 Edition, and a more up to date cleaner version of it than most others you'll have seen running. You can conclude how stable that will be. I personally have yet to see a BSOD with this OS. It never freezes or crashes on me anyway. Of course, results may vary depending on the flakiness of the software you decide to install on it.

dirtaddshp (2009-06-12)

has anyone ran this over the April release? i really dont want to have to reformat.. grr

Greg1221 (2009-06-12)

Great Torrent only one issue
I am unable to install itunes correctly i continually get an error that windows xp service pack 2 is not installed. I have searched on google and was unable to come up with an answer im assuming its a file or registry code that was removed or something along this lines, any help would be appreciated

Greg1221 (2009-06-12)

@ Rolus,
Unfortunately all of the 64 xp hacks require you to actually be able to launch the MSI installer. My installation problem is different from the apple patch so it cant be used on Xp64 =(

sxp64 (2009-06-12)

@rolus: ICH10R is fully functional and tested. Sounds like a hardware issue on your end. Maybe set the S-ATA port to AHCI or Native IDE in BIOS, there are numerous causes for errors in that regard, but there's nothing wrong with the integrated TXT-mode drivers in this OS. Especially not the Intel ones, since I use them myself on more than one machine for testing.
Maybe you can find some useful info here:

sxp64 (2009-06-12)

@spudzik: It's not so minimal at all, especially not this release. Have you googled on "macdrive in windows xp x64" ? If not, please do. Look at the first hit ;-)

plump2000 (2009-06-13)

All in all im very happy with this.
But today i changed my WORKGROUP to : HOME
and now i must enter a password:
does NOT work!!!!!

qazek (2009-06-13)

Login data is correct. I've just checked. Stop making noize ;>

Juliandil (2009-06-13)

Well done again Superior.
As a user since version 2, i can honestly say the quality of these windows xp 64bit builds are increasing exponentially.
but i have a inquiry;
the fact that the .iso file has reached over 700mb(the size of a cd). would it be possible as in the next version that wireless network card drivers were included?
i've had great difficulty installing the wireless cards with this release, as not many manufacturs support windows xp 64bit on their website and itd save a hassle.
keep up the good work

palimaru89 (2009-06-13)

I installed it but instead of windows xp loading screen i get a bunch of writings something like:
c/windows/system....... i'm sure this aint good.
/windows/system...... etc.

sxp64 (2009-06-14)

@palmaru: RTFM! It's all in there.

DaedalusWren (2009-06-14)

The Reason for the long shutdown is the fact that this ver. of XP 64 is configured with the Pagefile to be cleared at shutdown. to disable this and speedup your shutdown follow these directions.
[Start] [Run] [Regedit]
Registry Key:
Manager\Memory Management
Modify/Create the Value Data Type(s) and Value Name(s) as detailed below.
Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value] // Value Name: ClearPageFileAtShutdown
Setting for Value Data: [0 = Clear Page File Disabled / 1 = Clear Page File Enabled]
Exit Registry and Reboot
Now as for me.. I cant seem to figure out how to enable the Hibernation function???

Seryan (2009-06-14)

I love this Windows XP edition, however, I have 1 huge problem with it; I tried reinstalling my nForce drivers (which later I came to the conclusion they where already up to date at this moment), but the nForce driver setup told me I had to remove the old drivers first. So I did that, restarted, and tried installing again as usual, but it told me again that old drivers are install and uninstalling them is needed to continue... It turns out Windows installs them right back as soon as you start up Windows without ANY way of canceling it.
So if I ever want to change my drivers, I am stuck with these ones, which is a huge problem for me, because I also want to install this version on an other old PC that needs older NVidia GPU/nForce drivers to works optimally.
I have been battling with this problem for a few hours now and I am at the end of my hope. I already figured out it probably has to do with the X:\Windows\INF files that where added, but I had no luck tracking them down. Also there is officially not one single way to disable the automatic driver installation process in Windows XP.
Can someone PLEASE help me out and tell me how to remove the automatic installing of the added drivers in this Windows edition, so I get the "Search for drivers" window that I can cancel, like in any other normal Windows version?
(Also, there is no recovery console on this Windows XP DVD, it just doesn't ask if you want to start it when you start from DVD.)

ralphj (2009-06-14)

im using a vmware. but i cant find a serial for this.. please help me.. and when should i use a x64. im using a macbook unibody. intel core2duo. 4gb ram. is it better if i use a 64bit.. what are the pros and cons..

travkin (2009-06-15)

It would be better if it fit on the CD...

henriquemont (2009-06-15)

I downloaded and burnt the image at 2x.
However when I boot from my DVD, it loads all drivers and after that blue screen appears as a hardware error.
I have a TX2500 AMD 64bit with 4gb RAM. Could the problem be because I burnt the image in a Dual Layer DVD? I was without normal DVD. Thanks

Seryan (2009-06-15)

@henriquemont: The dual layer DVD was probably only a waste of money and not a real problem at all, however, writing down the exact error you get and typing it in the comment will help us help you a lot ;).

henriquemont (2009-06-15)

@Seryan. So, when loads all drivers appears a msg: Setup is starting Windows. After that appears the blue screen: A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent.....
Technical Information:
***STOP: 0x0000007B (0XFFFFFADF978323C0), 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 That's it. Thanks

sxp64 (2009-06-15)

What the hell are you writing about? There is no "slow shutdown" or Pagefile clearing with/in this OS.
Prove is in the registry:
where you'll see:


sxp64 (2009-06-15)

Proof, not Prove, of course.

sxp64 (2009-06-15)

@Seryan: What are you writing about? You just uninstall the nForce drivers, then install the newer ones (if they ever come out, because duh, the latest ones are in there!). I have never experienced ANY of the bullshit you describe.

sxp64 (2009-06-15)

@Juliandil: Did you write the brand of the wireless device and ask? Try manually installing the x64 drivers intended for Vista. They *do* work in many cases, as long as you succeed in unpacking them and finding the right folder deep down in the drivers-distributions. You will have to use Windows internal wifi stuff to control it though, if the brand's software is not working in XP x64.

electric_chaos (2009-06-15)

OKay I liked the last one but I stopped using it because my home network wasn't working. Is this one working on people's home networks ? Also I'd like to be able to use the Fax service. I don't see it in the list of things that were removed anyone know about that ?

travkin (2009-06-15)

btw, i suggest you to use another user instead of Administrator, because some users prefer LIMITED USER privilegies, and it will be easier to change.

sxp64 (2009-06-15)

@travkin: I really suggest you would not. As this is targeted at users who will not need limitations at all, ever. It's not without merit that it says this in the description:
If you're the type that feels at home being Administrator
*all the time*, then this will be a Superior OS for you.

Seryan (2009-06-15)

@sxp64: Lols, that was a pretty harsh answer considering I was just asking for help :p.
But what I meant is, the nForce chipset is added to the hardware that Windows XP recognizes and automatically installs drivers for, right? And Microsoft is so annoying that they didn't put in any way of canceling automatic driver installation, right? And the drivers require uninstalling the current drivers to install other drivers, right?
Well... Do the math, you uninstall the drivers, restart is required, come back and windows detects new hardware and automatically reinstalls the drivers that come with this Windows XP without asking anything, thus you would have to uninstall them again...
The automatic driver installation works fine for the standard Windows drivers since you don't need to uninstall them or anything, but it just doesn't work for drivers that require uninstalling purely because of the limitations Microsoft put on it.
Again, this would not be such a big problem if it was not for the fact that my old PC requires older drivers to function properly. The latest drivers give all kinds of weird problems on that PC.

travkin (2009-06-16)

Manual installation via setup.exe fails on 'Registering Components' with errors: regsvr32.exe "The system cannot find the file specified."

rajuu (2009-06-16)

it's been a while since I follow this 'Superior' XP64 series . I sure will try it very soon
now I regret that you did not release a dedicated version to A/V/gfx/compression stuff only ; that is for building a dedicated "Audiovisual" only workstation that has thus no need of (at least preinstalled) web browsers , cosmetic Themes, etc..
in addition all registry modifications should be spoted and 'justified' , since I had a very brief look at the registry tweaks applied to LiteSXP64, april 28 2009 (for instance) and I found some weird registry entries (?)
>Add Government, Military, .NL, UK and Canada to auto url searches

there must be some good reason but please explain though...
otherwise this is a superb work ( achieving a fast, optimised, XP64)
is there any link to have a look in the registry tweaks applied to this 'revival 6 june' version, since I will install this one if you don't release the version I would favor
cheers and kudos

travkin (2009-06-16)

Where can be found 'Superior XP v3'? :)

zinthesis (2009-06-16)

excuse the n00b question, wondering if it would be a smart idea to "disable the pagefile" due to the fact that i have 4gigz of ram installed

Seryan (2009-06-16)

@rajuu: I totally agree with you, this edition would have been perfect if he just left the applications, drivers, themes and stuff like that out and did less work then he currently did lol. Since this release if for people who know a thing or two about computers, I sincerely doubt that anyone who uses this release needs help installing a few applications, drivers and themes... Even more strongly put, most people who know their way with computers often have favorite applications they they personally rather use. Like I had to uninstall Quicktime because I prefer "Quicktime Alternative", uninstall the K-Lite Codec Pack because I prefer CCCP and uninstall CDBurnerXP (which gave an error at startup for me and isn't even mentioned in the description for some reason) because I prefer Nero. With all those extra programs added to the release, he still entirely removed the small standard Windows games that only take up a few measly MB's and never cause any problems nor slowdowns... I still want to play minesweeper every month or so, so now I have to download it from the internet or something lol.
However I applaud him for the effort he put in.
The "Add Government, Military, .NL, UK and Canada to auto url searches" registry key is to add the domain extensions .gov (for American government websites like, .nl (for Dutch websites from the Netherlands), (for websites from the United Kingdom) and .ca (for Canadian websites) to the automatic search mechanism when you type in address without the .com or .org etc extention.
@zinthesis: 4GB of memory can still fill up rather quickly during some activities. It can lead to some potential slowdowns and problems and I do not see the advantage for a normal PC user in disabling it, since your hard disk size will probably also be pretty big if you have a PC with 4GB of memory...

Juliandil (2009-06-16)

I agree, WMP and the K-Lite for me are replaced with VLC Media player and Winamp.
Well more VLC and youtube.
But theirs a bit of a workaround, all you do is remove your cd after the first reboot. Which is when the Blue Windows Screen that copies the cd contents to the disk completes and restarts.
The .exe's of the programs he added are stored on the cd, and wont install if they are not present. However for me the install went fine without it.(was running late while installing it at my cuzins and took the cd. discoverd this method by accident) lool.
Back to the wireless card, i installed windows 7 in hopes that it'd detect my cousins wireless card and tell me what it was, but it just came up as 802.11b/g lol. I also checked HP's manufacturer website and the vista64bit driver they had for my cuzin's machine (Hp Pavilion m9040n) didnt work. I also did some googling and no source was able to tell me the exact card that was in their.
Maybe ill crack it open and see if theirs a label on it.
Anyways thanks again

sxp64 (2009-06-16)

@Juliandil: Removing the CD will cause a very much disfunctional install of XP x64. No wonder your stuff doesn't work. Windows hasn't even finished building the registry at that step.
I don't even understand why you would download and use this copy then, there are numerous XP64's out there that are more suitable for you if you don't want to have install finished.
Whatever happened to simply using Uninstall if you don't like some of the installed programs? What do you think, it leaves you with a cleaner Windows the way you do it? Forget it, that will not be the case.

electric_chaos (2009-06-16)

lol. Will someone answer me do people have their home networks working on this I need something that will support that..

ralphj (2009-06-16)

can someone give me a serial for this. i cant install it in vmware. please

rajuu (2009-06-16)

I agree too , lol, with your points . Ultimately there could be a check list (of softwares to be installed) among some possible options , when they exist.
Now I understand too that they made their (wise) choice for a one solution installation, especially given the numerous registry tweaks applied to the overall combination
going for (list) choices would probably end in a rather complex install pgm
then ,indeed as reminded by sxp64, there exists the Uninstall feature ;but I am not sure Windows will let you go away so easily once you installed IE8 for instance ...
the idea for me is to get rid of any scories that may use cpu cycles and memory , even if it is at a rare background pace ; this is (imho ) the way to achieve the optimal OS for a dedicated workstation , for say video editing etc..
as for the Gov, Mil etc..yes I knew what it stands for , but I still do not see the purpose for the more common user (?) ; no big deal though
that's why if these XP64 Superior Editions could come with a text listing all registry tweaks applied would be just too normal ; it is no big secret for 99% of them but the goal is more to know which have been (or not) used
finally let's encourage again the Superior team :)

sxp64 (2009-06-16)

@rajuu: Have you even read the description? There's a link straight to the registry file that is applied. You will not get it any more elaborate than that from us.
If you have preferences of what this OS should be like, CREATE YOUR OWN version! We have posted ALL the links you'll need for that, to do it by yourself! If you're too lazy and/or not technically gifted enough to get that done, then maybe, just maybe you should stop complaining.
You can ask for things to be done differently, but we're not obligated to anyone to do things one way or the other. We make these OS-es for our own use and happen to share them with you. Be glad you found it. We will not be slaves to your wishes.

rajuu (2009-06-16)

well am I "complaining" !? am I asking you be "my slaves" !? that looks like nonsense to me, or possibly you start the day in a bad mood
that happens to everyone , so I will not ...complain
cheers and thnx (again) your work

cekoi (2009-06-16)

it's not a common problem...but i experience a lot of troubles with a PCI-E 2 ports firewire card....
there's no specific 1394 drivers for x64
it should work with the native xp drivers... but it doesn't ( on my x86 xp everything is fine) i wonder if there's some incompatibility with some chipset's (Jmicron, texas...) on x64
in the device manager -> driver details i have
johci.sys...and a yellow (!)
if anyone can help...thanks

GTA4Ever (2009-06-17)

hi nice windows works great but what is the pagefile.sys ? it needs 8GB can i delete it?

Juliandil (2009-06-17)

To clarify, i use the full installation.
The "removing cd" install was an accident which occured at my cuzins, not my computer. I talked to him after and he said his computer worked but their were no programs(mozilla and stuff).
So since some people were complaining, i suggested removing the cd, than running the .reg file u posted for the required reg fixes.
I postulated the fact that this could work. But im glad you clarified it wouldnt.
The full story goes:
I installed xp properly. than i couldnt find the Wifi card he has. so i installed windows 7 in hopes it would give me some details, but it still wasnt descriptive enough. So i than began to install xp 64 again but ran out of time and pulled the cd. when i got home he told me he was missing programs and thats what led me to make the above hypothesis.
So, now i have to resintall Again the full xp 64, and determine a driver for his Hp Pavilion m9040n wifi card. The vista 64bit driver from the manufacturer doesnt work on his machine.

B1rdEX (2009-06-17)

hey, it's workin' 100% good! My OS now workin' about twice/triple faster, like linux xD
But I've one problem (possibly just bad thing) - very long shuttin' down time, 1-2 minutes. Why or 'cause of?

GTA4Ever (2009-06-17)

B1rdEX lol by me need it 10 seconds can someone say me waht this means 1)
It is advised to run the All-In-One Microsoft dot NET framework installer;
Double-click the .bat file found in folder \dot.NET\ on the iso/disc/dvd.
Installation will cost you a maximum of 12 minutes, entirely without effort.
switchless_powershell_x64.exe is also under \dot.NET\ on DVD,
Use this switchless installer to install Powershell v2 and MUIpack !
Not to install before .NET framework is installed. sorry my english is bad but what is the switchless_powershell_x64.exe please reply

sxp64 (2009-06-18)

ever hear of google?

GTA4Ever (2009-06-18)

i cant english enough english -.-

Shevil (2009-06-18)

...why you need Vista when you can have Superior Windows XP
GREAT OS. Go(o)d work!

dapxin (2009-06-18)

do you mind if I create a blog somewhere that can be updated directly once there is an updated release?
This thing is darn good. Hats off!

cekoi (2009-06-18)

plz do you have any experience regarding 1394 hardware on x64?
thanks for your time

sxp64 (2009-06-18)

@dapxin: Feel free to blog this. If you post the URL we can contact you directly if and when we release things. We have bad experiences regarding our identity, privacy, anonimity combined with such releases, which force us to take extreme security measures. Hope you understand..
@cekoi: You can always try the Unibrain drivers:

1394 hardware on XP x64 works as it should on XP x64. As long as the manufacturer/brand has drivers for it, or the internal Windows drivers support them, or the Unibrain drivers know the chip (most Belkin cards have supported chips that work to their full potential with Unibrain drivers in XP64).
I now personally use the built-in firewire internal hardware on a Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 board in XP64, before that I used Belkin FW-controller cards. I've had success using the F5U602ea (800, in PCI-e) and F5U502ea (400, in PCI) and using the Unibrain x64 drivers with them.

GTA4Ever (2009-06-19)

Shevil vista sucks ^^ but works gta 4 better on xp or vista?

GTA4Ever (2009-06-19)

can i install net framework yes or no?

sxp64 (2009-06-19)

@GTA4Ever: No it is forbidden by law, if you install .NET interpol and the NSA will hunt you down and throw all your computer(s) through your Windows.

GTA4Ever (2009-06-19)

are you joking?

revbluesman (2009-06-19)

this is the virus i found in the program thanks for nothing

dapxin (2009-06-20)

I created this
still a few tweaks to do on it tho.
Thx 4 a gr8 job!

sxp64 (2009-06-20)

@revbluesman: I don't know if you can't read or what your problem is, but it says: "not-a-virus". Idiot.
@dapxin: Opera does blogs? Who's creating an opera account so they can comment there?
Better use or just

dapxin (2009-06-20)

haha. people does use Opera :-).
will create another on your suggested links tho.

GTA4Ever (2009-06-21)

Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) revival 6 2009 (multilingual!)
this is the name from this torrent by miniova sxp64 how i can change the language??

sssmith (2009-06-21)

Superior xp 64 installation crashes on ?loading devices? /half done/ ?. I have 64 bit /asus p5p8oos motherboard,intel processor 3.00 GHz/,1.50GB ram? Any explanation or some help?

sxp64 (2009-06-21)

@sss: What kind of harddisk are you trying to install on, and what controller hardware does it need/use? Look for the 'floppy 64 bit' drivers of your SATA/AHCI/RAID hardware, which you can add by pressing F6 during setup (the blue screens in the beginning).

GTA4Ever (2009-06-21)

Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) revival 6 2009 (multilingual!)
this is the name from this torrent by miniova sxp64 how i can change the language?? please reply :(

sxp64 (2009-06-21)

@spudzik: The new XP x64 release of autopatcher will be out of beta soon:

We will also be releasing a new LiteSXP64 pretty soon. If any of you have special wishes for it, please post them in the comments and we will try and include/exclude them. The former LiteSXP64 is here:
OS-files will be more up to date again (and autopatcher would be useless for quite a while on that).
Main differences in LiteSXP64 Edition is that language support is limited (i.e. lots of languages and keyboard types are removed) and Outlook Express is removed.

sssmith (2009-06-22)

hard disk is - western digital sata 500mgb,
all other 64bit installation disks /sp1 sp2 etc / install fine,
this only works as upgrade

dapxin (2009-06-22) - all done now.
*will maintain the two*

sxp64 (2009-06-22)

@dapxin: Did you disable the option to comment anonymously? Sadly we can't possibly be posting with an account there. Also, it's not Superior 64, it's Superior Windows XP x64 Edition, SuperiorXP64, or SXP64;
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition bit is not the same as Windows XP Professional x64 Edition;

dapxin (2009-06-22)

I have allowed anonym comments now.
I am not that clueless :) I fucking know its XP x64. Just being ridiculously lazy.
Will iron out the rough edges over the days...:)

GTA4Ever (2009-06-22)

sxp64 please help me =(

sxp64 (2009-06-23)

@GTA: I think you don't understand the way this goes: When you decide to download this OS, you're on your own. This OS is not different from the standard Windows XP x64 Edition release, especially not regarding languages and keyboard-types. It says that in de description and it's there for a reason. I don't do support which is done by Microsoft already. Learn to use Google.

ecst4sy (2009-06-23)

people dont even realise how lucky they are that someone involved with this OS is actively replying? so i agree, keeping stupid questions on the low is important
im excited about the new litesxp, i havent been home for the past week so cant think at the moment about what could be excluded/included but will post back asap.
very happy with the existing litesxp though

dio321 (2009-06-23)

Hello. I've been using this site for a long time and this torrent has finally gotten me to sign up. Not just to say thank you for your GREAT work though, but also because I have question.
I have downloaded my sound codec from the realtek website (R2.27) and my sound works just fine, but can't find my audio mixer. I use programs that ask for my "audio device" and for my "audio mixer"(for broadcasting audio). The audio device is there but no mixer. I have also tried the AC 97 drivers but still no luck.
My device manager does say that there is something a miss with my hd audio driver (yellow sign), but no matter if i click update driver it doesn't find any updates!.
Not really expecting much help, but any ideas or pointers to what the problem might be?
THANKS A TON your work is much appreciated :)

dio321 (2009-06-23)

Forgot to add. I have a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R

sssmith (2009-06-23)

Problem solved - I disabled onboard audio in bios and installation finished ok. Just for note - it was this kind of error
/blue screen/ stop : 0x0000007e portcls.sys
Thanks anyway

Hadriel180 (2009-06-23)

I have an HP Pavilion Dv7-1245dx with an AMD Turion x2 Processor and ATi Radeon HD 3200 graphics card, i downloaded a different sxp64love i think, and it doesnt work, yet it says it supports my processor and what not, will this one support my laptop? i also have the hardware support intallers from the manufacturers if i can incorperate them into the disc can someone tell me how?

Hadriel180 (2009-06-23)

*also with the disc i have right now, i get this error message ~tech info~"*** STOP 0x0000007B (0xFFFFFADF978323c0,0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000000)"

dio321 (2009-06-23)

Alright. Did some digging on my own and theres suppose to be a fix for my problem from microsoft.

I can't run the fix because it's telling me that it could not find my "update.inf" file. I'm assuming that's part of windows update that has been disabled? Thanks!

sxp64 (2009-06-23)

@dio: That site is not a Microsoft approved site. Also seems intended for XP x86 (32 bit), not x86_64. update.inf is not missing, it's in a location not recognized by that software you're using. Nothing about MS Update is missing in this OS.
Have you tried installing the Vista x64 drivers manually? See here for handy hints:

dio321 (2009-06-25)

Thank you!

Ant3ro_123 (2009-06-25)

i will try this today :)

_Ghost-Rider_ (2009-06-26)

Hi man, I'm a fan o this XP x64 releases. But I have only a question.
¿Where do you get the driver that this SO have Slipstreamed? ¿Are the one? Thank you very much, I need this for my little bussines.

Eclipse117 (2009-06-26)

I've been having the STOP: 00000 error - the same error as sssmith has had - only my BIOS doesn't have an option to disable any onboard devices. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It looks great!

oralmud (2009-06-26)

Dunno if it's gone in rev6 but in the april 2009 release, the install always fails to install the nforce4 smb bus driver. The board has the nforce410-geforece 6100 chipset, and in each of the previous 4x i installed the smbus always gets left behind. Curious is thing i manually I can browse to the nldrv folder inside /Windows and install it manually.
A few suggestions for newer builds:
* Your added items [pspad. tc, etc] should have Start menu entries, maybe grouped under a folder called " SX64 Tools"? And have them under All Users
* Include ATI, Intel graphic card drivers as well
* Add these tools w/c i believe would be universaly accepted: Everything, Imgburn, Magicdisc, Clipx [or another clipboard utility], Portable Iron 3, process explorer
* I vote that .NET, tweakui be automatically installed
Thanks for listening.

oralmud (2009-06-26)

I'd also add a GUI for jkdefrag with the base install

sxp64 (2009-06-26)

Possible next release in July, want to post requests for it, go to:
@oralmud: We will consider some of the items, but of all software you mention, only ImgBurn we use ourselves. Do you know of a decent lightweight jkdefrag GUI? We only use it commandline based.
.NET is hard to include pre-install, we already created an optional install-bat at the final boot, defaulting to Yes ;-) This will be in there next release (adding an extra 5-10 min. of install-time).

ecst4sy (2009-06-26)

Hey guys well if I had it my way I would probably prefer all non-OS software to be optional. Similar to the DOS screens at first start up, but gives u the option whether to install ERUNT, Firefox (TotalCommander?) etc or basically a little more customization
This way users have the option to make LiteSXP even "Liter" lol just my two cents :)

oralmud (2009-06-27)

I like JkDefragGUI 1.05 by Emiel Wieldraaijer over at I liked it as it didnt use .NET to work.
Not too sure if its install program can be done silently though.

oralmud (2009-06-27)

holy shoot what up with the blog? The text links on the right are "vibrating", which eats my cpu up.

angrymobjustice (2009-06-28)

This is the best OS I have ever used!
I am using it right now.

alllala (2009-06-28)

Thx bro. You did really a great job with this release.
Unfortunately im not able to use Hibernation.
It´s just missing and i don´t know where to turn it on....
Can you help me please?

sxp64 (2009-06-29)

@oralmud: JkDefragGUI does not find the x64 version of JKDefrag. That's a no-go I'm afraid..

sxp64 (2009-06-29)

@alllala: So: Sorry, not my problem. Thanks for noticing though, I will exclude the hibernation mention from the next release, until Microsoft sorts this out..
You could try and change /noexecute=alwaysoff to /execute in your boot.ini startup line. If you installed Windows on drive C, this is at c:\boot.ini
but I don't recommend this workaround.

sxp64 (2009-06-29)

@YGUt0wl: I have yet to see any problem with the removal of the nVidia drivers. Try the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, they're right there.
Regarding your other 'issues': Please design your own OS and push out your (ugly) preferences. It's really not that hard. The necessary links are already provided.
@bi20: No. And even if we could, why would you need that one folder?

sxp64 (2009-06-30)

@bi20: You can find the and related folders and files on the iso. Do a search on "" on
If you want to use the same driver-base, just copy the necessary files from this iso. By the way, it's just a selection of drivers, by far not ALL of them. You might have better luck just collecting the drivers YOU need for your hardware, and then sharing the ones you found over here:

TantA (2009-07-03)

First, thnx for your efforts with these great ups!
Scnd, didn't care reading all comments... pheew.
Now, how about this:
On August 14, 2007, Microsoft has issued Windows Update KB932596 to Windows XP 64-bit which brings the Windows XP PatchGuard up to par with the Windows Vista PatchGuard. Effectively this Windows Update will cause an incompatibility between Sandboxie and Windows XP 64-bit, which will manifest as the occasional system crash. To use Sandboxie on Windows XP 64-bit, you must first remove Windows Update KB932596
I don't want M$ patchguard. Have you got a solution? Thankyou.

sxp64 (2009-07-03)

@TantA: Yes, there is a solution: Use Superior XP x64 Edition. ;-)
We don't see the problem. Patchguard is just another bunch of OS-particles you can disable or remove.

oralmud (2009-07-03)

re: jkdefraggui, you have to let it download the programs itself, it can detect a x64 bit environment and download correct jkdfrag binaries. doublechecked this on my system.
Like I said, it may be difficult to silent install, maybe just copy an installed version instead like what's done with TC.

sxp64 (2009-07-03)

@oralmud: We did that; It downloads the 32 bit version. I'm not really pleased with making an auto-install even harder than it already is, or adding more post-install non-OS software.
If you can provide a silent installer for JKDefrag GUI, we might include it.

oralmud (2009-07-04)

Something's off in your install lol. Here's waht was automatically installed in the Programs folder here:
The .ini file also points to the x64 version:




Too bad it didnt work out there. Weird huh.
With regards to sandboxie, x64 xp just won't work with sandboxie, I always get the bsod as stated in its web page. This means the problematic KB932596 is slipstreamed in and cant be uninstalled. So using Superior xp64 won't help, since its based on sp2 that kb will always be in.

sxp64 (2009-07-04)

@oralmud: That last bit is nonsense; We have removed several KB's from the core (each release has been different in that regard..).
By the way, I don't get a BSOD, ever, but then, I'd never use or enable Patchguard or any derivative of Windows/MS Update engines. It's not without reason we advice against that during install..
Lastly, if you can provide a working silent installer for the JKD tool, we might consider merging it in.

sxp64 (2009-07-04)

@oralmud: Also, the ini file points to zip files. If you actually run JKDefrag GUI, it runs the 32 bit version (go check).

oralmud (2009-07-04)

check this:
Looks like only the x64 binary is running. If you can;t make it work correctly on your system then too bad. I just showed the lines from the .ini files to point out it has the ability to get the x64 binaries if needed. Whay it doesnt can say...
Sorry I just depend on what the software makers give, I've no info on how to silent install this. Hence my suggestion to post-install copy like what you do to tc.
re sandboxie, it definitely is an issue on sxp64, I think with x64 sp2 in general. Tried a series of install and reinstalls of sandboxie ie 3.01 x64 version [the last x64 build], bsods with the messsage "Modification of system code or critical data ...." always appears. If sandboxie advice is true, then Patchguard/ KB932596 is active here in sxp64. BTW I've never come across the option to turnoff, isnt this always on if present? I've certainly never added it myself.
You saying you've removed patchguard from SP2? And you've run sandboxie x64 with no issue?

ick2200 (2009-07-10)

call me a dumb ass if you must. this is not a complaint simply a question. how is this 64 bit if under settings it says "color quality highest(32 bit)"?

ecst4sy (2009-07-10)


deda1234 (2009-07-12)

HAHAHAHAHA,nice joke man

lizette123 (2009-07-13)

sorry,but it looks like it doesnt work in a dual boot environment. whith installation i had to press F6 to add the IHC9 driver,cause it doesnt recognized my mass storage. then later it wasnt able to load/copy it again from disc when i choosed to use the one from disc with "S". second try with the inbuild one after loading the one from disc with "Enter", installation works, but then it doesnt boot, blue screen prevent your pc from damage.. blaba..before i have the screen full with the first line of boot.ini after choosing the superior from bootmenue

GTA4Ever (2009-07-13)

@sxp64 why do you removed hide desktop icons
( screen

ecst4sy (2009-07-14)

just curious are we still expecting the new litesxp this month?

necrochorume (2009-07-15)

Alt+Enter shortcut is disabled.
And can't run cmd.exe in fullscreen mode.
How can I fix those?

sxp64 (2009-07-16)

@necro: You can't. This is x86-64, not win32. There is no 16 bit emulation in XP64 that allows fullscreen DOS.

borivlikar (2009-07-17)

Hi SP 64,
I have some q;s for you. I am not anywhere near as technologically educated as everyone who has been commenting on this torrent of yours. so please dont mind my q's.
1.) i downloaded this on a cdr instead of dvd becoz nero would not let me burn the iso image for some reason onto the dvd.
2.)also i burnt it at 24 x...even though ur instructions say to burn it 4x. unfortunately the elast speed available was 10x and it just automatically took it at 24x.
3.) the comp that i have bought is a dual core computer with a asus p5q-em motherbaord. it is not a branded one but the kind that is custom built. will it be ok if i still used this os on it?
4.) also if you dont mind telling me...please correct me if this is wrong...i basically pop this cdr into the cd/dvdrom drive and hopefully it should install on its own. i havent plugged the comp or started it so i dont know which button will take me into bios like your install instructions read. so if you or anyone else can help on this will help.
5.) i request you to please write back as lay language as possible since i am not technical at all. but if it is too much to ask, please let me know and i will just end up buying the retail version online.
thanks for all your help.

sxp64 (2009-07-17)

@borivlikar: You can't burn this iso to a CDR. You really need to have an empty DVD and a DVD burner.

borivlikar (2009-07-17)

ok sp64,
i did finally manage to burn it to a dvd as a udf/iso dvd at the speed of 4x. now how should i proceed?

joefso (2009-07-18)

this version is solid. I modifed the theme to, clasic colors and normal start up menu kept most of the fonts. Props.
Tho, I would like to see a vista 64 bit version in the future, when would that be possible?
Also, is there a way to get the latest microsoft messenger version installed?

borivlikar (2009-07-18)

does anyone know how to get product key for this. i am stuck at that part and cannot seem to find any valid product key.

op2rules (2009-07-18)

Oh my GOD. This is the best copy of windows I have EVER installed. Everything works flawlessly, a LOT of added in features, boots nice and fast, it's simple amazing. I recommend this to ANYONE who has a 64bit compatible processor. It beats any other OS hands down.

Juliandil (2009-07-19)

Fuck vista, its a deadbeat.
Windows 7 would be waaaaaayyyyy better.
I heard microsoft finally has their head on tight, but i bet sxp could make it better :D

jikarosa (2009-07-20)

ok... this sucks more than any other operating system torrent here. First of all. The "custom themes and cursosrs" are really ugly, but the worst thing is that there are way too many software which will not work in this custom XP OS... I've get too many error messages saying "this software doesn't support operating system version 5.3".
Actually I'm pretty much fucked up, because i tried to format my PC and install other OS, but now i just get BSOD when trying to format... Thanl's for this shitty torrent...
I suggest to try some of those "Windows XP SP3 Activated" torrents. They work just fine.

sxp64 (2009-07-20)

@jikaloser: RTFM! If you would be capable of reading, you'd have read this:
"We really LOVE these effective and lightweight cursors. And we work with this font-set because these are the ones we prefer. We've seen too many systemfonts not to know what's best for us. We also think the desktop background is really cool and warm and has depth. We don't want fancy-ass useless bullshit on our screens, we need our machines to work for us, deliver quality and save time, not be paintings on the wall. So, still think we could give a rats ass about YOUR taste? Please design your own OS and push out your (ugly) preferences.
By all means, give it a try. Your 'taste' sucks, no doubt.

borivlikar (2009-07-20)

i need some help from you please. looks i am the only dumb person on here that cannot seem to be finding a product key. everyone on here seems to have loved your torrent and were able to install the os very easily without even a key. Am i doing something wrong possibly?
when i put in the dvd , it started working fine....but just got stuck at the part where it needs the product key. also even in the event that i was able to buy one key off ebay, you have included some antiwpa3 instructions.....when do i download that on the computer? i mean after installation i put that on a disc and download it on the hard drive?
please please help me. i know you probably dont want to deal with non-technical idiots like me........but would really appreciate it if you somehow help me navigate thru this.

borivlikar (2009-07-21)

just posting my email... just in case u can respond by email.

sxp64 (2009-07-21)

@boriv: There is no dialog asking for a product key in this OS install. You must be confusing this download with another.

ecst4sy (2009-07-21)

please enlighten me do i hang on for the new litesxp or am i wasting my time, need a fresh format pretty bad

sxp64 (2009-07-21)

Oh and trust me when I say this is NOT an OS for someone of your level of skill. The instructions for installation are ALREADY in the description. If you can't get it working, ask someone in your family or neighborhood who can help you, this is definitely not a general computer support channel.

Ant3ro_123 (2009-07-21)

Dont work for me.. Reinstalling windows and keep getting mshtl.dl l msl.ddl when installing ?

rigorgc (2009-07-21)

Torrent's great, and the thing itself is great. Scratch that, this version of Windows XP is MORE than great! I really, honestly, hands down loved it. It makes feel feel, in control. Highly recommended, by the way, thank you whoever uploaded this!

straitline046 (2009-07-23)

this one is a peice of crap--nothing but problem--even thought it was a good install

necrochorume (2009-07-24)

How can I enable the Alt+Enter feature for windows maximize?

SUNDALO (2009-07-25)

i have a Amd 64 technology
but i installed a 32 bit windows xp pro sp2
will that be ok.. running on 32 bit

jubei718 (2009-07-26)

Please seed.

4x64 (2009-07-26)

EXCELLENT-- thanks for your work!

Jehtro (2009-07-26)

Microsoft Security essentials picked up this virus from the iso file.

sxp64 (2009-07-27)

Jehtro: cmdow.exe is not a virus. Idiot.
necro: Alt-Enter does not exist for Windows x64 cmd.

sxp64 (2009-07-27)

by the way, Jehtro: That was already explained in the first paragraph, you dumb asswipe;
everything is guaranteed virusfree. (And yes, that includes cmdow.exe: )
fucking loser

Jehtro (2009-07-27)

Chill dude.
Whats with the harsh words.

jubei718 (2009-07-28)

need more seed
download slowed down at 53%

sxp64 (2009-07-30)

@Jehtro: Harsh words? You come here and spout your "look, there us a virus in the iso!" lies, and expect me to be friendly to you? Get a clue:
It's the likes of you that make creative and active people like us want to stop making great operating system variations like this. It's YOUR stupidity, laziness and ignorance that made you post that bullshit comment with your alleged "virus" warning, which causes readers to think something is wrong with this OS. You should be ASHAMED of yourself for doing that. Next time think BEFORE you act, and learn how to apologize if you didn't.

rageofthemage (2009-07-30)

save yourself the bullshit. the headache and sxp64's utterly stark raving mad babbling, and plunk down 25 bucks on craiglist for a legit copy of xp64...
Got this to dual boot, and holy sweet fucking christ. The speed is not worth the sacrifice of common sense.
This is sxp's idea of heaven. And great for you dumbass, this must be awesome for you! But to unleash this hazmat of an o/s on the rest of us, is a little counter intuitive to the nature of the beast. And it's an insult not only to our intelligence as a community, but to the people who have downloaded this expecting something that vaguely resembles a working product.
It's supposed to make things easier, faster, and more accessible. You effectively neutered all the things that make x64 great. Way to go. Jackass.
And on a side note... maybe you should invest in a pc that doesn't suck balls instead of cutting GUI, and graphics corners. If you had a rig that required 64 bit processing, worrying about saving memory on things like that would be (and by all accounts should be) an afterthought. The whole principle behind this OS is to utilize aspects of your hardware that 32bit will not, to enhance your experience. Taking those very things out that are intended to be enhanced, is more than a little retarded.
But then no inclusion of sp3? Fuck off. that was the straw that broke the camels brain. That and JKdefrag. That program is worth fuck all. Seriously what kind of brain dead simp do you have to be to not know about diskeepers latent realtime defrag in 64 bit mode? And then erunt? what the fuck is wrong with you? god so help you if you need to actually hex your own registry, because erunt will go apeshit! This is supposed to be for system builders, and you go and try to make it moron proof, by making things more complex, and counter intuitive.
sxp64 YOU sir, are a fucking idiot. Save your diatribes for something more useful, like coaching youth hockey, because your pc skillz are teh lame.
and fuck you for making this. I'm usually appreciative of people taking the time to post torrents, but this was the biggest fucking aggravation ever. If i knew you, i would punch you in the face for the drama i had to endure installing, using, and subsequently uninstalling this horrendous bucket of squirrel shit.

rageofthemage (2009-07-30)

btw let's see if the sp3 troll bait works. lol

sxp64 (2009-07-31)

luckily, rageblahblah, I will delete your comment together with this torrent in a couple of days. Just because I can. Just to annoy little useless pieces of shit like you.
Oh, and by the way: I didn't even read your waste of a comment.

sxp64 (2009-07-31)

Learn how to read (boot-)logs and google on what's in them, the answers are all there you know?
Try right-click My Computer > Event viewer

Zageron (2009-08-01)

Thank you very much for this release.
I'll be testing it, if DirectX 10 works well on it, it's a go!

sxp64 (2009-08-01)

There's nothing wrong with ntoskrnl.exe in this OS. Your problem is hardware-related. Again: Read the logs. That's not meant to be 'defensive', it's something you should learn to do, before asking about vague unfounded bug reports.

sxp64 (2009-08-01)

hoaxm3not (2009-08-02)

Anyone had problems running this in VM? I got a stop error.

sxp64 (2009-08-02)

No problems here. Playing it in VMWare always is our first test-platform.

joshuack (2009-08-03)

I had changed the workgroup settings to match the other machines in my home network, the result was that after a reboot, none of the three accounts (2 user accts, plus your builtin admin/june2009 account) would login. I was aware of the issue regarding leaving a domain, but simply changing a unjoined machines workgroup name caught me by surprise. Since no accounts are available, I cannot even use the system restore points.
My questions are the following: (1) my reading seems to indicate that this is not usually the case - is this a consequence of the software removed, the default operation of sxp64 due to the configuration changes, or just my bad luck?
and (2) can the superior install dvd be used to access the recovery console, so I can try the shift-F10/nusrmgr.cpl trick - which may or may not work, since it seems it's looking for some kind of auth credentials. (the password error mentions"...make sure your username and domain are correct...", despite being a workgroup machine. Same thing even under safemode w/o network, so I'm guessing the accounts were linked to-and-only-to the previous workgroup.
Finally, if you know any sneaky recovey tricks, I'd be glad to hear them - I've exhausted my tech info, and reading/research hasn't turned up anything useful . . ("to access system restore when you can't boot: first, boot your computer in safe mode . . ." etc. : | )

sxp64 (2009-08-03)

Changing a workgroup name never results in lost user-account data, and no, the one account that is installed after install is NOT linked to the workgroup name, neither should any newly created users. I've never encountered such behavior, and highly doubt it is this OS what caused it. You must have done more than just change a workgroup name to cause such erratic things. Bad luck does not really exist with XP64, there's always a clear cause, as far as my experiences go with this OS.
MS System Restore, the way it exists for WinXP, never works the way you want to, which is why it isn't included in this OS. A much better way to restore system settings is to use ERUNT. See the description for the link to its user manual. It's installed in SXP64 by default, so you should have a point to go back to, since it creates them automatically each day. But if you can't reach safe mode, you're better off trying

You did try Administrator and the known password?
This OS isn't much different from normal MS XP x64, at least not in what causes your problems. Good luck. I'd try Google for your solutions.

joshuack (2009-08-03)

Thanks for the response - I can't think for the life of me what I could have done to effect it besides the workgroup change - the only other changes were installing the current nvidia drivers and installing office, visio, dragondictate, quickpar and cccp with mpc. The last task was changing the workgroup to "INTERIOR" and rebooting, then; death. I've had to rejoin users to the domain at work several times, but this one caught me by surprise, too. : )
I kinda agree with you regarding System Restore, but as a devout believer in gremlins, glithces, murphy's law, and Heisenbugs, I'll probably reload it - even a 10% additional chance is better then nothing, when facing
Certain Death. I havn't used ERUNT before, but I'll give it a try, as well.
I did try the default admin password, as well as the old one from the previous version: x9z0_- I've liked your work for a while now. : ) Besides, I have sufficient pride in my abilities to like to think I know better then to spam this comment thread with already-documented questions. : )
Thanks for the hard work; may Microsoft never track you down. : )

Juliandil (2009-08-04)

Any plans for a v.7 release soon? im uninstalling to throw on win7 for shits ans giggles. i know ill end up back at sxp tho

sxp64 (2009-08-04)

@Julian: 3 days from now.

asdgasd (2009-08-05)

Is there any way to get a file of XP x64 with all the latest updates but without any "tweaks" like in this torrent?

deda1234 (2009-08-06)

Sadly,I must agree with some guys here that are unhappy with this release.This OS is clearly NOT Superior to xp x64 vanilla in any
effects are all better on vanilla,if you want real performance over vanilla xp chose eXPeriences's release rather than this one.

sxp64 (2009-08-06)

eXPerience does not release x64 OSs, and his OS releases are extremely slow and old compare to the SXP64s. If you don't have the hardware or software with which this is obvious, why did you even download this? Seems to be the 'unhappy' users are all uninformed users and not really capable to even apply this OS properly (or any OS for that matter). Your comment is not very convincing.

deda1234 (2009-08-07)

No not really,experience released a great xp aio dvd both with x86 and x64 versions,which are stock releases but with couple of goodies integrated.Anyway i recommend that to this crappy release you call "Superior".

babygenius55 (2009-08-07)

Well, I've tried to install this on VMware workstation twice, can't get past the BSOD with a few non-essentials turned off. I can get other non-stripped down versions to install fine. 64 bit as well as 32 bit. Granted, I have some non-standard hardware(i like hyphens) sound blaster, nvidia card, lite-on burner, sata hdd, ide hdd, network card, external hdd. Onboard sound is enabled as well. Can't figure it out. Too lazy to try. Just wanted some others to know that there is no 1 perfect solution for everything. You might be one of the unluckyones also. This is the first version of 64 bit XP I've had install problems with. I've only tried 2 others, but they wirked for me. Folks, if you can't get it to work, there are other options

babygenius55 (2009-08-07)

Oh yeah! BTW I'm using 64bit Ubuntu 9.04 as the host system.

babygenius55 (2009-08-07)

Sorry if this is a repost, but "Oh yeah! I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 as the host Op system" I didn't post any readouts because it doesn't bother me that much. I'm sure it works wonderfully on PC's it was meant to run on. I'm keeping for that day when I get one. Gotta see what all the hub-bub's about.

sxp64 (2009-08-08)

@deda: eXPerience is a personal friend of mine, so why you're bullshitting about his Tiny stuff here is beyond me. We have a different audience, sure, he calls his stuff "tiny" for a reason. We call it "superior" for a reason. If you would have learned to read at school, you might ave known WHY. Loser.

Fckngpig (2009-08-09)

good job works fine genuine. i had a bsod(portcls.sys something like that) caused by realteck sound driver. i installed it, a bsod occured disabled sound etc and it worked then i installed (soundmax etc) right drivers . very fast os thanks. keep up the work.

extincas4 (2009-08-16)

wow. why is everyone fucking arguing so much.
read this guys instructions. he CLEARLY speaks them out for you. This is not something for beginners, you need knowledge about registry, drivers, how the kernal works, etc etc etc....
So stop complaining about this guys release if you dont like how it is set up then DONT use it.
Create your own OS it isnt that difficult.
I have no respect for people that download others hard work and then complain about it.
Most of the people on here are like 16years old and you can tell.
SXP64-good work but, relax bro, you dont have to insult everyone, even though they are noobs, we were at one point to.

WoAnerges (2009-08-17)

wow man i have read all that you wrote! :D
cool work! #1!

nothingreallymatters (2009-08-17)

sxp64, thank you! for the pain you have taken to work on the update. You have also been replying to comments. Sometimes, it can get frustating. Not everyone will have a profound understanding of the work you have done. There are users who acknowledge your work. Please dont get upset. :)
Thanks. Thanks Thanks. SXP64 rules. :)

egazz (2009-08-17)

will my dictionary using MS Jet 4 database be working with this version?
Thanks for answer!

Kaluleomorir (2009-08-18)

Thanks man, great job! Congratulations for all the ones who develop this incredible piece of software and specially for you, who deliver it in TPB for all of us!.

jiusy (2009-08-20)

Hi sxp64, I have the same issue as Seryan with the nForce drivers (particularly the Ethernet driver) - it automatically installs the ones that came with the OS and i found no way to install the new ones - 15.25 xp64 WHQL. I have EVGA 750i SLI FTW, Intel E8400, 4GB RAM and SXP64 is installed as the sole OS on a RAID 0 array if it's relevant to the issue.

PrdTr (2009-08-21)

Hey sxp64,
I'm wondering if there's a possible fix available for the black quicktime gui bars in firefox?
(Because quicktime is not 64bit compatible or something, yet you did include it in this issue. That's why I wanted to ask.)
Thanks for the great work, this is the best OS i have ever used.

svampf (2009-08-24)

Ive just changed the network group on my computer with this superior version installed, and then it made the strangest thing and removed and changed or deleted the passowrd for the administrator login. (ive tried the admin/june2009, but with no luck at all). ive read that this is a bug that apparently happens now and then, but is there a way to prevent is from happening, when i like this version and plan to keep on using it. but dont want to reinstall windows every now and then.

jumala1976 (2009-08-24)

This shit is made by an amateur. It looks awful and it behaves like shit. If you can´t add or remove apps like a pro don´t do it.

sxp64 (2009-08-27)

@jumala: You are a fucking jealous asswipe, go back to school.
And for all the others: Yes, there will still be a new release coming. Working on it. Been very much preoccupied with life lately.

Czaar (2009-08-30)

Thank you, I was looking for something like this.... cheers :-)

xkokuryux (2009-09-02)

How do I start the "Themes service" to change my desktop theme?

sxp64 (2009-09-04)

Pay better attention during the final stages of installation, you'll get asked about the Themes service.

xkokuryux (2009-09-05)

So would I have to reinstall the OS in order to activate it, if I didn't do it during the 1st install?

xkokuryux (2009-09-05)

Nevermind, figured it out.

daedalusi (2009-09-05)


avi5000 (2009-09-08)

this torrent full with viruses do not download!

avi5000 (2009-09-08)

avast pro found this:
Activity Modifies memory of other processes
Risk Level Critical
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware found this:
Registry Data Items Infected:
(Hijack.DisplayProperties) -> Bad: (1) Good: (0) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

sxp64 (2009-09-11)

You are truely pathetic. That registry entry has been set ON PURPOSE.
Nobody I know ever uses or aspires to use active desktop nonsense by Microsoft. Registry changes aren't viruses. FOOL!

sxp64 (2009-09-11)

By the way, it's really remarkable how the nagging cockroaches around here (like avi5000) are never using a real name or traceable nick. And without exception their usernames never have done any upload anywhere. Please ignore any and all lies about malware or viruses. They're from jealous competitors.

vliegkoe (2009-09-11)

i had problems with the sound, it didn't work at all untill i installed a new sount program...
that's all, the rest is working fine.
thanks :-)

dant12 (2009-09-13)

hmm, eager to try this, however im getting a constant BSOD right after install during the load of acpitabl.dat, heres the screen
this is in a vmware.
after that load and the BSOD windows begins to boot normally then BSOD constantly.
any guesses?

avi5000 (2009-09-13)

backdoor trojan differs from a trojan in that it also opens a backdoor to your system. They?re also sometimes call Remote Access Trojans (RAT). These are the most widespread and also the most dangerous type of trojan. They are so dangerous because the have the potential to allow remote adminstration of your system. As if a hacker were sitting at your keyboard, only worse. There?s almost no limit to what they can do. Some common uses:
?Use your system and Internet connection to send spam (yes, the majority of spam is now generated by infected systems).
?Steal your online and offline passwords, credit card numbers, address, phone number, and other information stored on your computer that could be used for identity theft, or other financial fraud.
?Log your activity, read email, view and download contents of documents, pictures, videos and other private data.
?Use your computer and Internet connection, in conjunction with others to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
?Modify system files, disable antivirus, delete files, change system settings, to cover tracks, or just to wreak havoc.

dant12 (2009-09-14)

avi, just shutup, nobody cares what a retarded noob you are

pcpompey (2009-09-14)

love it only need system restore that will be perfect
ERUNT only back up registry init? collect me if am wrong
anyone know how to back up the whole system pls tell me

sxp64 (2009-09-15)

is a good replacement for total system backup (because it makes use of the shadowing of files while making the backup, so it can actually copy a system's state as it was).
So, my advice:
Use ERUNT, if that does not sufficiently restore after something goes wrong, try restoring a backup made using Cobian.

pcpompey (2009-09-15)

Thanks a lot for your advise spx64 i really love this xp 64 bit one more question i got nvidia 9600gt everytime i went to nvidia website and download latest driver for 9600gt xp 64 after install screen so strange and it says driver doesnt match am so confuse and i cant get in to windows update as well it always say Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.
any advise would be really appreciate
thank you so much for your help.

furtherdown (2009-09-20)

Hahaha, I'm just sitting here laughing my ass off reading all these retarded comments. Major credit goes to sxp64 for trying to help these retards. You should work with the mentally handicapped, you're that good.

furtherdown (2009-09-20)

By the way, in my opinion at least, the only week points of these release are:
- Internet Explorer 8 (plus all security updates and some settings we prefer)
- Windows Media Player 11
plus IE8 and Firefox plugins, extra smooth/safe with tweaks.
- Quicktime Lite 2.90
- K-Lite Codec Pack (klmcodec485)
IE 6.0 is needed to retain functionality for programs like Steam, and otherwise Firefox is a much better browser than IE. So I'm having trouble understanding why people insist on including IE 8.0 with their releases.
Also, in my experience, codec packs are bad, bad, bad. Just use VLC. It isn't 64-bit because it doesn't have the instructions in its base code, but it's fast, free, will play anything without extra codecs, and it's the best media player available. Thus, you can get rid of WMP entirely and it's DRM crap, or just leave it at version 9.0.

sxp64 (2009-09-22)

@furtherdown: Your advice does not really yield a result, because these releases weren't targeted towards a random group of downloaders on piratebay. They are merely also put here for sharing purposes by accident and to boost XP64 usage, basically, so that it will stay alive a little longer, so the workstations these releases have been targeted at (and were created for) stay alive a little longer, and hardware support might stay in existence a while longer. Also, WMP11 and IE8 are in there because it is needed for the target user group, where WMP-streams are being used in IE only. Bottom line: I advice you to make your own XP x64. All the ingredients have been linked to. Good luck!

njastars (2009-10-11)

this is a great build, sexiest thing ive seen in a long time. only problem is my drivers have to be installed in a certain order and during the installation my display gets corrupted and looks like im on acid. i toyed with the drivers for a couple days and finally gave up. any chance there will be a "SUPER" lite version with nothing but the sata drivers and windows drivers, so that i can install all drivers manually?

njastars (2009-10-11)

btw anyone looking for a x64 media player can pick up media player classic x64 and ffdshowx64 codecs :) just google it

ex_pat3 (2009-10-11)

I've been using this for about a week, and I am truly delighted with it. It's very fast, stable, and solid.
I think it would be even better if users were left a choice on services like system restore. Erunt is great - I've used it for many years in conjunction with system restore, which it does not completely duplicate. Automatic updates - I'd really like to see what MS is suggesting for this system. Why not just leave the services disabled by default and let it go at that? Also, I'd like to suggest the addition of Winpatrol. It's free, and is great protection from unwanted registry changes.
Anyway, thanks a lot.

ulikaze (2009-10-16)

very nice os, installation went smooth.
everything is running quite nicely... except one thing.
when i try to change the cursors or theme, i get a bsod (mentions system_service_exception and win32k.sys, all the rest seemed like bs), and no other time. so far ive tried updating my video drivers and using the uxtheme multipatcher.
anybody have an idea for why this happens?

mrmajorna (2009-10-16)

WOW, I love this one.
Best I've seen in my whole carrier.
Now I wonder. Do U have it for WinXP x32 bits ?
I want to use it to my G.F.
[email protected]

snyderrich3964 (2009-10-26)

This works 100% Thanx a million, as I now have 4GB of ram instead of 2.
Worked perfectly on my newly built system
AMD phenom II x3 720
Gigabyte ga ma 790x ud4p
ocz 2x2Gig RAM DDR2 1066
Sapphire radeon hd4850 1Gig
rosewill 700w 80+ green
wd blue 360GB HDD(IDE)
wd Black 500GB HDD(SATA)
LG DVD burner(SATA)
Liteon DVD burner(IDE)
Rosewill 5600 mid tower 2 120mm fans
AC Pro 7 rev2 (rigged fan) CPU cooler
32 inch Dynex(cheap but worx)LCDTV

snyderrich3964 (2009-11-10)

HELP I can't get VEOH player to install on this OS
any pointers??

djankobear (2009-11-11)

@ snyderrich3964
What are the system requirements for Veoh Web Player?
Windows Minimum:
OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later, Vista 32 bit (We do not support Windows 2000. Windows Server 2003 or 2008 or 64 bit systems)

Scorchice (2009-11-16)

Hi there!
Yep I'm going to re-iterate what a lot of people already have said - This is a great release!
Is there a way i can open text files using notepad and not PSpad...i agree PSpad is much better but i like the simplicity of notepad and i need it for certain purposes. Also, PS pad refuses to let me edit the boot.ini file...
Please tell me how to revert back to notepad without uninstalling PSpad.
Thanks and Regards
- A fan.

Scorchice (2009-11-16)

@ snyderrich3964
What djankobear wrote is correct but i was able to find a way to atleast view full length veoh content on win xp 64. The problem with the veoh installer is that the veoh compass refuses to install.
So i did the following:
1) Right click on "VeohWebPlayerSetup.exe" and Extract files with 7 zip (if you don't have 7Zip i highly recommend you download it)
2) double click on veoh web player
3) create a shortcut of Veoh web player on your desktop. Everytime you want to watch full length content on veoh - double click on the veoh web player on your desktop. Since veoh webplayer does not get installed on your system and does not automatically load everytime you run firefox you must double click and run veoh web player like this...or you can stay without veoh...
hope this helps...

mikeyjoe80 (2009-11-28)

I have only one problem with this....I can not get my audio to work, I have installed different drivers to no avail. I have a compaq presario cq60 427nr laptop with Conexant High-Definition SmartAudio 221. I can get the driver for it off of the compaq website, but it is for vista 32 or 64. I have found other drivers for it that are supposedly compatible with xp 64bit, but has not worked either. Please help! Other than this problem, I love this OS and its a great upload :)

creamser14 (2009-11-30)

Okay, this install went great. Burned the ISO to disk and ran it on boot up. OS installed great but I can't seem to access anything. If I try to run anything I get the error message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item"
I did some research on creating my own user account with full access but nothing seems to work. Any info on this?

Mcfugger (2009-11-30)

I seem to have the same problem as other people, I can not get Audio to work. I tried using the disk that came with motherboard to install drivers and I get this message "Please Download and install Microsoft patch before install this driver." I went to link to download patch but but it says that it is outdated. Anyone have a solution?
The patch says it has something to do with some bug associated with SP1. Other than this issue it seems to work great.

sxp64 (2009-12-01)

How weird, me and at least 98 others have no problem whatsoever with this OS. Maybe it's you?
Or, as they say: RTFM.
Audio drivers are not here, they are to be found at the website of its manufacturer. See the description, by the way. It's all in there.

Mcfugger (2009-12-01)

Well if your such a smart ass I am sure you can explain why installing and trying several different drivers for audio none of them work. Yes I did read your fucking manual. I was pointing out that when trying to install drivers from the CD that came with motherboard it wouldn't let me, saying that I needed to upgrade to SP2, yet when I try and upgrade it says that it is already installed. Way to be a fucking Prick.
And the same issue seems to apply when trying to install Itunes, when trying to install iTunes i get a message saying that SP2 is required yet when I check system it says it is running SP2

evaluator1 (2009-12-01)

Great job and thanks to the uploader. I'd like to point out a flaw that effects open type fonts (.otf) in windows xp/vista 64 bit operating may not be able to load these fonts which is a problem if you are into graphic design or just want more fonts...
The problem can be the result of many things including display drivers, but for this OS i found this registry solution(post #2) to work for me (make sure to restart afterwords):

the problem is also mentioned here on the adobe forums and other places on the net:

creamser14 (2009-12-01)

I agree, it is annoying that so many other seem to have success with this and I am failing.
System is as follows:
Mobo - BFG Nforce 680i SLI
Proc - Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz
4GB ram
GPU - BFG GeForce 8800GTS 320mb x2
I've read all of the NFO and text files but can't seem to fix the issues

saidar56 (2009-12-02)

can i get a finnish lang.pack to this 64 bit version, if YES, where then?
pls tell me

snyderrich3964 (2009-12-05)

Thanx to all who responded. Big dummy me.
I just right clicked and ran as winxp
and whammo it installed right away.
Once again this OS kicks ass for my gamming
needs. Thanx a million!!!

astowell (2009-12-14)

Hey there, great upload-I'm enjoying it quite a lot. One problem I thought I might see if anyone here has any suggestions. I installed this copy of XP on a brand new system, no problems there. However, when I went to install my graphics card (sapphire radeon HD4850 1gb) the system hangs during boot at \WINDOWS\system32\acpitabl.dat. The system boots fine if I disconnect the graphics card from the PCIE slot. I tried pre-installing drivers for the card from ATI's website and from the CD that came with the card. Same results. . I also tried changing the ACPI version which my bios loads and got the same results with ACPI 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Any suggestions?

Vandalay1 (2009-12-14)

On my first install I didn't activate the themes service. Is there anyway to do this now or would I have to reinstall the OS in order to get the themes service working?
Thanks in advance.

snyderrich3964 (2009-12-21)

I have the exact same card and didnt have any probs with it. My system specs are in an earlier post.
this was a new build with a fresh install though.
Maybe doing a clean install will fix ur prob

snyderrich3964 (2009-12-21)

Also, try puting the grafx card in first, but don't install the drivers till after u do a clean install of this OS...Hope this helps

snyderrich3964 (2009-12-21)

now I need some help...I dld a copy of Warhammer Mark of Chaos Battle March-RELOADED. Adnd it wont install says I must have windows 2000, XP, Shitsta in order to install. Any advice??

snyderrich3964 (2009-12-21)

even tried doing the right click compatability thing.
Still a nogo:-(

caribou007 (2009-12-22)

sxp64, or anyone:
will you tell me what to tweak in order to be able to activate the Icon Layout Saver which is included in the 'Superior' folder? I have installed the registry data, but the options to save and restore the desktop icons is not there (in the recycle bin right-click menu, or the my computer right-click menu). I have also tried installing alternative icon layout saver programs with the same lack of effect. I have also had trouble installing my video card drivers- the driver/control utility installer from ATI could not install the drivers, and i had to install them manually through device manager. I do believe this is because of some performance or security tweak done to this version of windows, and would like to know how to set these tweaks back to their usual functionality. I especially don't understand why the icon layout program doesn't apply correctly, since it is included in the Superior folder, and even has instructions to apply it?

hudgnik (2009-12-30)

Does anyone know why restart and shutdown take so long on this. It takes like 2 or 3 minutes to respond to a restart.
sxp64? Anyone???

iphone2003 (2010-01-02)

Hey there
Thanks a lot for this nice windows xp
works really well and keeps me away from this ugly win 7....baaaahhh
but i got a problem with the OpenGL driver.
My Programms (Maya Mudbox and Photoshop) wont work properly. I deinstalled the old video card driver and get the newest one from nvidia
(195.something). However Maya cant display some Objects properly and Mudbox works very slow on a Geforce GTX275. And Photoshop dont "accept" my video card, locks the OpenGL Features and tells me to download a new driver...
I also installed a OpenGL driver from Nvidia but that also didnt help.
My Friends are telling me that there arent good drivers on xp64 but i cant believe that.
I would be very thankful if you could give me a little advice what to do, in order to stay away from that win7 crap.
Btw thx again and keep on working ;)

thetommi (2010-01-08)

On first install i could slect more than one appearance settings but on second xp install i cant slect any only the windows classic.
whats the problem?

unknownBut2Me (2010-01-29)

Thanks for providing this "hot rod" XPx64 build. Do you know of a similar x86 build out there?
Thank you!

7h3M0nk (2010-02-02)

I absotively love this release. I see a lot of folks on here asking questions about piddling little problems they're having, all the info you need is in the nfo file. I am by no means a computer expert but I had no problem overcoming the tiny problems I encountered when installing. The makers of this release have gone to a lot of trouble and I for one, appreciate all you've done. Give them a break guys and try finding your own solutions to your problems, you never know, you may learn something in the process. Thanx for a job well done guys, this release is destined to go on every system I and all my friends own

drgnslyr91d (2010-02-03)

Alright i downloaded this and love it, one problem,
i trust that there are no viruses, but my scans pick them up. is there a list of false positives out there?
i've crashed the OS by removing some

stevenkain (2010-02-10)

Did anyone find out how to fix the EXTREMELY slow start-up? It takes 2-3 minutes from when the taskbar appears to when the explorer starts up. What gives?

holynoobxd (2010-02-14)

this built is perfect, but..
i have a problem: right alt key is recognized as ctrl+alt and i don't know how to deal with this. i tried AutoHotKey vainly and googling didn't make a result. does anybody know how to solve this problem plz help me

holynoobxd (2010-02-14)

just solved this problem changing the keyboard layout from USA internation to USA
lololol im such a noob

suicirbaf (2010-02-15)

How come I only have 3,25GB of RAM when it fucking 64-bit?!

stevenkain (2010-02-23)

Anyone find out how to fix the EXTREMELY slow start-up? It takes 2-3 minutes from when the taskbar appears to when the explorer starts up!

gz1 (2010-02-25)

I don't recommend any1 d/l this one - of a # of probs the windows update website doesn't properly work, often loading up ie it will just hang there and you have to manually shutdown w/ task manager. it does not shut down (have to always manu pull power), themes don't load properly, no hibernate option? I'll switch back to my win32 bit if can't find a better one. And yes, I do know what I'm talking about, I'm a certified a+ computer tech

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-02-25)

gz1 is a certified computer technician??? Where??? In what Psychiatric Hospital??? I highly recommend this download! It works better than any other windows program [32 bit or 64 bit]. It is perfectly stable and has a super snappy response.The only thing faster than this o/s is Puppy linux.

tpb-crazy (2010-02-26)

anyone cares to say how can i get system restore work? i use tht tool frequently. thnx in advance

dolphinquest (2010-03-04)

Go through earlier comments, this is a problem several people have had, and there were several alternatives suggested
this was also commented on in one of the earlier comments, if I remember, he had installed the English (International) keyboard instead of the USA one. There were other fixes mentioned too.
Read the manual/instructions (several times, a lot of stuff!!) (Read through the comments a couple of times) and low and behold, easy install, great work . Thanks

Scorchice (2010-03-09)

I'm getting the following error:
Missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe file.
my computer refuses to load up. I can't find an option to go to the recovery page. PLEASE HELP!

GIADENTE (2010-03-15)

superior!!! make a se7en modded tx

thimage (2010-03-28)

I've been using this version for almost a year now without a formatting. I've got a HP tablet tx1000.
It's simply the best OS I've ever had. It's very stable, fast and reliable. I've never had to deal with updates. It installs flawlessly. Sometimes I wish for a W7 but I trust this version more than any other because it's mature. It doesn't need any new revision. In one word it's perfect.
Download this and just forget about OS problems and BSODs. If you don't like the minimalist approach, you can still dress it up the way you want, make it look like Vista or W7, you'll only miss some bells and whistles, but not what counts.
It's that great.

ArcImpulse (2010-04-01)

I'm very satisfied with this release. I've used it for a year now. I have applied a number of registry tweaks (especially in the context menus).
I do really wish someone would take the step towards a minimalistic Windows 7 release. I would love to see how that could work out.

gwcarr08 (2010-04-06)

Well I know its my machine however I cannot change the admin password on my machine??????
so who really owns my operating system?
some geek hacker who wont let me change the pass word???
why cant I change the fucking pass word?????

zaichata (2010-04-11)

I would agree that this is one piece of shit OS put together to fuck up the XP we loved so dearly and transform it into a freaking uncontrollable OS from hell. Thanks a bunch for uploading this, you piece of shit, because this must be in the guiness book of records for worst OS ever created, it by far owns Vista at stupidity.

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-04-12)

Please ignore the last comment people.This guy probably couldn't get it to work on his cheap and nasty biostar,foxconn,pc-chips or whatever rubbish motherboard and decided to let fly with his foul mouth.There's nothing wrong with this version and is the number one o/s available right now.Thank-you to whoever put the hard work into creating this,most of us are very grateful to you sir.

Popocapetl (2010-04-22)

The scroll wheel function only works in the default text editor. In no other program. What's the idea? Also changing themes wasn't allowed. The default theme is silly (galloping red horse). I hacked a Zune theme on the Internet to get a more normal look.
My computer is a Sony Vaio VGN-NR11S/S.

tofushoyu (2010-05-04)

great upload, works very nice!
i'm waiting for the next version.
thank you uploader!

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-05-04)

I have compared this o/s with the latest ubuntu 10.04 64 bit version [which is surprisingly fast] and this windows xp 64 bit o/s is a bit faster on my AMD 64 dual-core computer.

Fox_Almighty (2010-05-08)

Why so much junk with it? Take all that junk out and make it 700mb... Amateurs!

demongithara23 (2010-06-03)

I am currently running Ubuntu UE 2.5 because this release doesn't seem to work well on my system, with some of the proprietary drivers for my machine not being supported, unexpectedly, on this platform, even tho I have a AMD dual core 64. It seems to run better on the Ubuntu, which does have third party drivers. :S
But, I had about a half a dozen Win XP 32 bit OS's that I had that used to all work, and I really needed to get a copy of windows 32bit on my home rig, but now NONE of them will install. I get crashes everytime I try to do a fresh install of Windows XP 32bit, even if I wipe the entire drive with DoD grade drive bootable drive wiper DBAN, and fresh install. I really need to downgrade back to my old Windows XP 32bit setup, but it won't let me any more!!
I am not the most advanced user, but I have not had this problem before. I have ran a memcheck on my RAM and and set my bios back to default settings, then reset them back to their appropriate, previously functional states. Still, I cannot utilize my full hardware with Windows XP 64bit, but it will only let me install this and other Win Xp 64bit OS from other torrents. I guess for my time and effort to try this release and also state my problems, my intelligence will be insulted, and those with a stake in promoting this might be irritated. I would like some help to know how my hardware system was altered and now cannot have the old Win XP 32bit OS installed even from a fresh install / low-level reformat?
Apologizes to those toes I step on, but I could use constructive help from "superior," or anyone else, that may lead to me getting a functional Windows XP 32bit running again, regards of the suggestions to stick with 64bits, even if I have to be called a "noob" or grouped with some other category of the mentally inferior. I just don't see why this release has changed my system this way, and if I can understand that, then maybe I will listen to suggestions on getting a M$ 64 bit working properly.
I'm not saying anyone has purposely designed anything wrong but this one is not looking like it is for me.

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-06-07)

In response to the last comment, I think you have a hardware fault. Maybe a faulty motherboard,faulty optical drive,harddrive full of bad spots,bad ram,unstable powersupply,dirty or scratched install cd's,corrupt bios,faulty electrical connectors,etc. Also you did not tell us what make and model your motherboard is, so we don't know how else to help you, please provide more specific information.

demongithara23 (2010-06-14)

You may be right, so I did a RAM Check via linux, a low level disk wipe via Dban, and I upgraded my bios. I have since been able to install Windows 7 x64 bit, and it works fine and has all the available drivers for my system. I see now that my Toshiba laptop doesn't support the x64 bit XP platform with available drivers from their European or US site, so I will not be able to use this version. Thanks for your help, and I hope everyone will give this version a try.

tackfurlo (2010-07-01) be honest...
This specific release of XP 64-bit has always doe 2 things for me:
1) It's the fastest running 64 bit windows system I have found, anywhere.
2) Until you blow an hour blowing away ALL the creator's customizations, it's too ugly to use.
So, yes, the theme is horrid, the wallpaper is horrid, and PSPad, while a great code editor, is incredibly overkill for editing anything short of an entire site. Yes, that is all true, but over all, it's a decent release. The one HUGE advantage this release has over basically every other 64 bit XP on TPB is that it has built in drivers for almost every SATA controller known to man. This was critical for me, since I could not even get to the initial blue console screen without slipstreaming in several drivers otherwise.
So, I don't know about anyone else, but for me, it's easier to download my favorite theme and drop it in, then change the admin password, add my nVidia driver, and drop in Notepad2 as the default. Four simple steps and I have a working desktop, period. Is it perfect? No, and I could probably spend 5 hours making my own build via nLite that would be more attuned to my own personal preferences. But, it works, plain and simple.

budsatawny (2010-07-04)

Works GREAT! Thanx man...
Amd Phenom iix3 720
gigabyte gama790x mobo
ocz platinum 2x2gig ram
Had no problem i have had to reinstall it several times due to other virused a couple of times..that av security suite thing.
But this os just keeps on workin!!
Thanx again!

sterlingk (2010-07-05)

It seems that half the folks think this program sucks wookie, and half really like it. I'm glad I'm in the second half, 'cause this installed and ran like a champ. No problems whatsoever..and seems to run seamlessly.

vradine (2010-07-25)

Yeeea, this is super ugly. It looks like win 98 or lower!! plus im having the worst internet issues with my WLAN. You took out the ability to tweak the internet, maybe you "tried"to do it and include it already in the OS BUT you should have at least left everything for people to choose to customize, I can't believe how limited this OS is, it actually makes me want to go back to Win 7 and I HATE that OS! Oh and PsPad.. freaking ugly! and I can't use good ol' notepad anymore, you made sure of that. Sure it's there but everytime I try to get my .txt documents to open automatically it bitches at me about not finding PsPad when I uninstalled it. did you mention you can't change that? you have to use PsPad unless you want to manually open notepad everytime and navigate to your document to view it. to me that just too much hassle for something so stupid that's already included in REAL XPs.. I completely agree with zaichata comment.

vradine (2010-07-25)

For anyone who HATES Pspad, go into C:\WINDOWS\system32 find the notepad.exe and delete that mofo! Now go to C:\Base and take that real notepad and stick it in the system 32 folder, and it's back to normal!

DisasterMaster (2010-07-25)

this OS is great,no errors.. i see a lot of complaining about it , but everyone who knows anything about OS should know how to change administrator to real owner, to instal wlan .. dude if u need some advices for sp3 , let me know .. there is a lot that can be upgraded ( for instance msn for x64 and dx10 for gamers , just contact me ;) )

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-07-27)

You can change the administrators password with Hiren's boot cd version 10.6. Simply boot up from hiren's boot cd and use the password tools to alter the administrators password [ june2009 ] to whatever you wish.

umarnawazkhan (2010-08-24)

when are the updates gonna finish for this release ?
when is microsoft gonna end support for Windows XP ?

umarnawazkhan (2010-08-24)

found my answers:- There's no SP3 for the 64-bit version of Windows XP. If you’re running the 64-bit version of Windows XP with SP2, you have the latest service pack and will continue to be eligible for support and receive updates until April 8, 2014

Hoppinmadd1 (2010-08-28)

Do not be an idiot and install this. He was telling the truth about this not having any virus's trograns etc. However he forgot to mention the whole reason he chose the CORPORATE EDITION of XP.
I can tell you a few good reasons why. Main reason is the Corporate Edition is made for sharing files, info, connections, etc between computers in an office setting. So hes kindly arranged himself as ADMIN on an account and has 100's of back door BUILT IN WINDOWS paths into your computer and can monitor all you do without a "VIRUS" After all your boss can tell EXACTLY what your doing on the net right?
If your going to use this offline I would not worry about it but do not hook internet up to this and do anything sensitive. He can get in anytime he wants and undo any changes you make etc. There were some really nasty IT tools enabled so if you dont belive me have fun.
If you dont simply type in services.msc in the run bar on the start menu and start reading what some of these 100's of windows IT monitor services he has enabled can do.

Splattermind (2010-10-03)

To those still monitoring this torrent, I'm in need of help with my installation...
I'm running into issues with BSOD, resulting from portcls.sys. I've looked around, found out that it's likely RealTek audio drivers, or similar... I re-installed my normal XP32, so that I can try to either disable the device, or upgrade the drivers, before I try to install sxp64 again. MY question - will disabling the driver or device in XP make it fully disabled, so that when I'm re-attempting to install sxp, It will pass the portcls error? I've tried running updated drivers, but those cause the portcls error even on my 32bit system. Any help would be appreciated!

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-10-04)

To splattermind---I had the same trouble with a winfast motherboard and 64 bit sound drivers which clashed resulting in BSOD every time I tried to install this version. To eliminate the problem I just disabled the sound chip in the bios audio settings and then it installed perfectly but with no sound. So I then installed a new sound-blaster PCI card which had 64 bit drivers and the sound was brilliant. If you have no idea how to change the settings in the bios, then search google for the instructions for entering the bios and changing the settings, but remember to click "save changes and exit" before you exit the bios.You cannot disable the bios sound settings from inside windows xp,you must enter the bios as the computer boots up and then make the necessary changes.

etner24 (2010-12-12)

i downloaded Driver Genius Professional

that fixed the audio problem for me without doing all that bios stuff lol.

pshngo (2010-12-15)

I'm am a noob, how do you get an iso out of this?

maxxx001 (2010-12-16)

Appreciate it. thanks :)

Idonotlikenoobs (2010-12-17)

There are 4 files in this great download , one of them is an ISO file. Do not extract it with winrar or 7zip or it will not boot up. Just burn the ISO very slowly with a decent program like IMGBURN. Then leave the install DVD in the tray for ages until everything has finished installing.

wikifan (2011-01-16)

Anyone know if this can be booted off a USB?

Idonotlikenoobs (2011-02-25)

To wikifan ,you may install this version by using a usb stick very easily. You will need the free program WinToFlash (latest version 0.7.0000 beta) and a usb stick of at least 2 gigs capacity. Have a look at the WinToFlash tutorials on youtube first, then it's a piece of cake my friend.

neoangels (2011-03-07)

When I deleted C:drive for formating, this customized OS deleted entire Hard Disk(All other drives). I lost all my files. Beware. Creator's worked is hard. appriciated. But OS is awakward. Not a bit of beauty in the customization. I dont no how some people saying it is fast. It is just clumsy to see and use. I suggest u do not download. If u want to download, keep ur files backup when instalation.

xpdo.cs (2011-03-11)

All worked smoothly until the frieckeD! install program said I have no hard_drives installed, this is bullshit right? Spent 4 hrs downloading... just don't get it it's a P4M800 - M7, Athlon XP 64 3200+, 1 gb ram, 160 GB Samsung Sata HD, geForce FX 5200, the rest is all onboard. PLZZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT NEED THIS DAMN THING TO WORK !!!! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH......
well, ya get the feeling, plz post something worth our time..precious, precious.... bye bye

rogersmith (2011-04-19)

install seemed to be going good. it blue screened at a point through the install. after that, my hard drive was fucked. After the restart, the pc kept trying to start over the install and would keep fucking up at the same point. couldn't run any repair or format option. when i was finally able to get to the partition screen, i deleted the partition and created a new one. fail. somehow windows ex was still on the hard drive. killdisk and whatever the other one is failed in wiping the drive as well. had to return it. i bet this has worked for quite a few people. congratulations too you but all the same, go fuck yourself. cheers

mysticalgenius (2011-04-28)

works great i was using vista 64 before this it sucked so many errors but this worked great to all you people having issues i guess your hardware isnt compatible just stick with 32 bit lol but yeah i love this thanks :)

Armenian (2011-05-05)

should i change my windows 7 64x into this one?

antherjew (2011-06-01)

thats what im wondering armenian

ftlqed (2011-07-18)

Just threw windows 7 away and going to use this, the pirate versions had firewall error's so I could not play any new games at all! Also, got that handheld asus and you can't even upgrade a driver, I really don't see the "erudite" concept other than windows 98 and a power glove.

Rastamanse (2011-07-26)

i dont understand why this should be soo good xp 64 bits? we have to use your:
This SuperiorXP64 OS auto-logs on with:
username: Administrator
password: june2009
sounds kinda stupid? where is the privecy mate?

bigjl71 (2011-09-04)

Awesome upload!!! Works great!!! Thanks Uploader!!!

Buckaneer1234 (2011-09-25)

Is it true what Hoppinmadd1 said in last page??

lucasrt95 (2011-10-09)

Blue Screen !!!! Stop 0x0000007b

babiesinbondage (2011-10-20)

I have a couple questions.
1. Asus only has vista/windows 7 drivers on there website. Having a lack of XP drivers, does this mean I can't use this O.S.?
2. Can I dual boot this O.S. with Windows 7 and share my files (i.e. music, movies) between the two O.S.? What about installed programs (without installing the program twice?)
3. And is this just like XP but 64 bit?

virtual2187 (2011-12-07)

really this is the best 64 xp .......

 WeeKnighT (2011-12-09)

THe networking didnt work. I couldnt get my computer to be discovered on the network. I enabled several things in services... but then i realized I was wasting too much time. I hate personalized versions.

sxp64 (2012-02-28)

To some of you dumbasses here (like Hoppinmadd1 and Rastamanse);
If you don't know how to change things in Windows, like change your passwd or create a new user, this is OBVIOUSLY, as is explained in the description, NOT an OS for you. Fools.
And stop lying about it being insecure or unsafe. File-sharing and remote access are DISABLED by default.
If you don't use a decent router with (at least) NAT between this OS and the internet, you're a complete retard and should not use a computer anyway.
It's the cook, not the kitchen.
By the way, new version is coming people. Watch this torrent.

Lazy707 (2012-05-07)

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAP.... guy had to be 10y/o... bunch of junk is pre-installed and alot of of annoyance has to be removed b4 u even use it.... At this point i will have to download another copy of XP because I dont know what been screwed with and I dont want to find out the hard way few months down the road... he even made his own pointers for mouse.... like Really? get a life

modal11 (2012-05-24)

This edition of WinXP 64bit is just fine, great in fact, as many of the tweaks to services I usually spend time on after an install are already done. If you want to use Workgroups file sharing you may need to re-enable the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service.
Maybe for those who cannot figure out how to change the mouse pointer and theme this version will be somewhat frustrating, but it took me all of three minutes to install my favorite theme and change the cursor to my personal favorite.
Great modification job on this OS, no virus/malware detected ~ very stable and fast. Highly recommended for those not happy with Microsoft's more recent releases.

sxp64 (2012-06-11)

@Lazy707 Did you see anyone force you to download and use this XP64 mod or what's your problem? Do you even READ descriptions? It says:
"This is a clean SECURE thoroughly tested A/V & IT Expert's version of XP64.
We really LOVE these effective and lightweight cursors. And we work with this font-set because these are the ones we prefer. We've seen too many systemfonts not to know what's best for us. We also think the desktop background is really cool and warm and has depth. We don't want fancy-ass useless bullshit on our screens, we need our machines to work for us, deliver quality and save time, not be paintings on the wall. So, still think we could give a rats ass about YOUR taste? Please design your own OS and push out your (ugly) preferences."
So yeah; It's clear you don't belong to the target audience. Learn to read. Get an education. It's obvious you're too stupid and too lazy to create your own customized images.
P.S. Are you all aware this version of Windows is not susceptible to sKyWIper (a.k.a. Flame a.k.a. Flamer) malware ? Just can't install itself on SXP64!

ixvortex (2012-06-14)

I was looking for small, fast, clean install to create a usb install for a machine without dvd drive.
This is it. It downloaded and installed great. I am using this version to build XP-Install on usb. I will comment back later on how it worked.
BTW, for those interested, I`m using instructions from TechTipsGeek: Install Windows XP with USB Part II.
Thanks guys!
For the cry babies(after checking the Quality rating for this torrent): Go ask your mommies to buy you a computer you can work.LOL
I don`t know much, but this much I do know.

ixvortex (2012-06-21)

ok, install worked great, but I`m having trouble with a usb install for machine without cd/rom. Looks like ssd install in description, or similar, might work. Has anyone done this before?
I will comment back later if I figure it out.

MAA11792 (2012-06-21)

same shit as this torrent "Superior Windows XP x64 Edition (64 bit) (2011) [Multilanguaje]". KEEP LOOKING!!

seer28 (2012-06-23)

@sxp64 at 2012-02-28 - "By the way, new version is coming people. Watch this torrent."
Any news on this? I should be doing a few reinstalls soon so it would be nice to know if the next version will be arriving within the next month, year, or perhaps cancelled entirely.
My only complaints with this OS is a lack of updated Intel Graphics support -- which is Intel's fault for leaving it to Dell, Dell's fault for not even acknowledging WinXPx64, and finally my fault for attempting to use a laptop with shitty Intel graphics for anything that can't run without fully updated graphics drivers.
Best version of Windows my laptop can run -- for what little Windows I happen to actually use.

doormos (2012-09-17)

I personally like this OS. I had to do some tweaking to get things to my liking, but a lot less than a normal XP install. The only issue I had was that my motherboard ethernet driver wasn't supported right off the bat, but it wasn't a big deal. As to the people who are having issues, please learn about the problem and what's causing it before you blame the uploader and the creator of the OS and the tools therein. Also, it lists all the changes made to the services and applications, so there's no reason to complain there. And for the registry, if you don't know how to check, or edit, then you shouldn't be using this OS in the first place.
On a side note, I'd also like to know about this new version release, and when it's coming!

AllesKlar83 (2012-10-29)

Installed this on a 100gb partition of a 320gb HDD with the intention of dual-booting with ubuntu (which was already installed). Did a full format of the partition.
Got dozens of System File not found error messages during the install which I OK'd because I didn't see anything in the manual about this. Now it's installed it boots up lightning-fast but I don't have admin privileges so I literally can't do anything, can't open Control Panel, can't run programs... nada. Tried logging out and logging in again as Admin to no avail.
When I was choosing languages during the install there wasn't the full list of languages (I wanted to install Czech keyboard), and when I logged in for the first time there was no background image like the readme says there will be. Seems the install didn't go right.
I installed from a USB (made the USB using Novicorp WintoFlash), could this be the source of my problems?
Any useful responses very welcome, anyone wanting to tell me what an idiot I am please go jump off a bridge instead. I most definitely did RTFM!

AllesKlar83 (2012-10-29)

Oh and also I tried to reinstall it from the USB but when I pick the first option (text setup) I get the error message "ntoskrnl.dll not found".
I'd like to get a bit of feedback before I just wipe the partition again. Ta

AllesKlar83 (2012-10-29)

I meant ntoskrnl.exe

Meraklija (2014-01-22)

don`t work, instalations stop on screen network conections, why?


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