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Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit




Software PC


Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit




2010-06-27 (by GWpirateGW )


do PC Repair for a living and a recent customer had a vista home premium dvd that I was able to make an ISO copy

NO KEY IS INCLUDED. This iso is for the people who already have Vista Home Premium installed and crashed their computers. USE THE KEY ON SIDE OF PC on the COA sticker
Step 1. Get a DVD-R
Step 2. Use a ISO Burning Software(I use Active ISO Burner set to slowest burn speed) The Active ISO is also 100% free
3. After it is done burning, be sure you back up all your files(this is NOT a recovery disc).
Step 4. Insert into PC
Step 5. Restart.
Step 6. Boot from DVD
Step 7. I suggest a clean install, but each to their own, follow on screen prompts.
Step 8. When asked for a key, use the 25 digit product key located on your coa
Step 9. Install any drivers you may need.
Step 10. Seed seed seed and say
Step 1. While running a copy of Windows Vista that hasn't yet been activated, click the Start button, type regedit into the Search box, then press Enter to launch the Registry Editor.
Step 2. Explore down to the following Registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion SL
Step 3. Right-click the Registry key named SkipRearm and click Edit. The default is a Dword (a double word or 4 bytes) with a hex value of 00000000. Change this value to any positive integer, such as 00000001, save the change, and close the Registry Editor.
Step 4. Start a command prompt with administrative rights. The fastest way to do this is to click the Start button, enter cmd in the Search box, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. If you're asked for a network username and password, provide the ones that log you into your domain. You may be asked to approve a User Account Control prompt and to provide an administrator password.
Step 5. Type one of the following two commands and press Enter:
slmgr -rearm
rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows
Either command uses Vista's built-in Software Licensing Manager (SLMGR) to push the activation deadline out to 30 days after the command is run. Changing SkipRearm from 0 to 1 allows SLMGR to do this an indefinite number of times. Running either command initializes the value of SkipRearm back to 0.
Step 6. Reboot the PC to make the postponement take effect.
Step 7. To extend the activation deadline of Vista indefinitely, repeat steps 1 through 6 as
GhostWarriorTheGeek on You||tube...
you know, that really shitty video site that google bought & made even shittier?


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  2. microsoft
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  4. home premium

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 GWpirateGW (2010-06-28)

all the ones that come on the original disk.
I saw dutch english, and several others, but I only tested english

Melkz0r (2010-06-29)

I'd like to test this one. But can someone seed? I'm not able to get the last 20%.
After downloading I will tell you my experience with it.

mupsie1 (2010-06-29)

need seeds!!!!! please!!!

 GWpirateGW (2010-06-29)

sorry my pc was off for the night. I am seeding now
ive already uploaded 3.43 gb 's. its up to the leechers to keep it alive

mumontherun (2010-07-02)

what can i say but thankyou ! really was giving up on getting my fresh install to work.your uplaod is clean and works!!!!! nice to see that there are still good uploaders out again thankyou and keep up the good work.

 GWpirateGW (2010-07-04)

your most welcome.
I see so many cracked ones, but so few untouched copies. Happy 4th of July

Ashere13 (2010-07-18)

Can i crack this one?

 GWpirateGW (2010-07-21)

Ashere13 at 2010-07-18 15:04 CET:
Can i crack this one?
dunno, can you? you can try, it is an untouched ISO image directly from the disk. the description helps with how to activate for ppl without a key, but any pc with this os pre installed, can use the product key on side panel, but if you are able to crack it, feel free, and even call it your own, since you did the work, but a shout out to where they can find the untouched version , is nice. Good Luck

Laurenszz (2010-07-29)

Awesome nice download speed the torrent i downloaded before was a bad one but yours it's
in one word awesome !! and thx for how to show me to activate with product key thank you !!!!!!!

 GWpirateGW (2010-07-31)

yourwelcome. happy you found my new you||tube. the old one is suspended for hacking tutorials.
MrGWGProductions is my new one if ppl wish to contact me

abhi1227 (2010-08-01)

Are you sure that it is 32bit and a untouched copy?

Mads96 (2010-08-02)

Hey this might be a stupid question.. but, you know ive never booted from a dvd or cd, so i wanna know, is it just inserting it, and restart your pc, or should i do more.!!

abhi1227 (2010-08-03)

it says that it cannot load autorun.dll
please give me a solution

 GWpirateGW (2010-08-07)

@ abhi1227 at 2010-08-01 05:28 CET:
Are you sure that it is 32bit and a untouched copy?
a buddy had the retail disk and made an iso of it. ive unpacked the iso, looked to be safe, saw nothing odd, and figured i would share after testing on 5 pcs
GOOGLE search How to boot from dvd on*your pc name* f11 or f8 f12 are often used, may vary based on pc maufature
@Mads96 at 2010-08-02 09:20 CET:
Hey this might be a stupid question.. but, you know ive never booted from a dvd or cd, so i wanna know, is it just inserting it, and restart your pc, or should i do more.!!
abhi1227 at 2010-08-02 18:05 CET:
it says that it cannot load autorun.dll
please give me a solution
Hi, this error of autorun.dll you are getting is due to the either due to use of corrupt cd or it may also possible that the dvd drive which you are using is not able to read properly due to which you are not able to copy that particular file to your computer and getting the error. So, just make sure that you are using a good quality of cd as well as drive so that the files which are needed at the time of installation will be copied properly to the hard disk and you don't get any type of error.
USE ACTIVE ISO(free) to burn a ISO copy on slow or suggested setting
and use a clean dvd, and even air blow your dvd drive, but if isos are burned too fast, that can happen

twissta (2010-08-20)

I really want this one. But when I click "Download this torrent", it just doesn't show up in my Vuze, for some reason. Anybody knows, why? Please))))

xNoxiusx (2010-08-20)

I get up an error code, 0x00000f when trying to install. I am using a usb stick instead of a cd, could that be the reason? I copied the download to the usb stick using a virtual cd drive after formating the usb... Any ideas on how to make it work?

 GWpirateGW (2010-08-22)

@twissta at 2010-08-19
try Utorrent. I dont use vuse, can not help you, sorry
xNoxiusx at 2010-08-20 14:57 CET:
I get up an error code, 0x00000f when trying to install. I am using a usb stick instead of a cd, could that be the reason? I copied the download to the usb stick using a virtual cd drive after formating the usb... Any ideas on how to make it work?

 GWpirateGW (2010-08-22)

1, you need a dvd, not a cd to install vista.
2. sounds like maybe you formatted ur usb wrong? sorry, It has been forever and a day since I installed xp via usb, and have not tried vista, but I found alot of answers on google by searching the error code you provided

 GWpirateGW (2010-08-22)

@twissta go download Utorrent, I dont use vuse sorry
@xNoxiusx google is your friend. Use it
I havent tried a usb install for vista, so cant say but found alot of advise by a 2 minute google search on your issue

JJamo (2010-09-04)

Is it possible to install this on a fully formated hard drive with a Finnish key?

swexpert (2010-09-05)

Thanks! My Vista needed reinstallation, but the receovery disc will fail because I had customized my partitions after purchasing.
Hope this one helps!
Thanks again

ranrcha (2010-09-08)

does this have SATA drivers? we had the HDD of a laptop go bad on us, and wouldn't you know no one knows where the recovery or OS discs are.

Tristan134 (2010-09-10)

I am downloading now but cant install till monday, but when i do i will tell you if it work, or not.
And if you wish to use a usb stick to install it, check out wintoflash.

JpkJ (2010-09-13)

Thank you for the Torrent I downloaded it at around a mb/sec so thankyou to the seeders. Everything installed correctly.
Laptop is working great now thankyou.
I will be seeding this for The day.
Thank you once again lol.
already seeded 5.75 Gb worth.
Accidently thanked odinwolfs instead of yours thank you for the download

amfefe925 (2010-09-14)

hi! can i actually use this on my laptop? cause my laptop is full of virus and i wanna reformat it but i dont have the cd.. please reply

jpi45 (2010-09-25)

thanks this worked great on my compaq laptop

star2shine (2010-10-13)

i am asking this so bare with me i have already read the long instructions so we download, burn, image, install and put in the key provided on the back or side of the pc and the windows will be activated because i was wondering i have an acer machine and a key is already there but i don't have a back up cd will this work ?

 GWpirateGW (2010-10-25)

sorry hate to yell.
contact me on you||tube under MrGWGProductions if you need help or got questions, as I do not always get on tpb in a timely manner.
yes sata supported
your welcome
back up your files and do a clean install. burn with Active ISO to a dvd on lwest settings. burn 2 or even 3 copies if you fear 1 dvd may not work properly.
I would see why not. As this ISO is a retail, not a certain brand OS. SOme OS work only for some pcs. This should work, provided you have a retail key and not a os key for a certain pc. Also I did not have a key on mine, so I do not know about the repair features
hmmm good question indeed. I am not sure if the oversea vista OS has anything different but this OS was a retail version in the U.S. so I can not confirm. Sorry

shaffles (2010-10-25)


slimskillz (2010-10-29)

hi when installing windows vista in boot mode (clean install) it says almost straight away problem find install file, please retry? suggestions please?
otherwise thanks for upload

anarch0 (2010-12-06)

Personally, i don't even need to crack or anything because I own two keys. But, the DVD doesn't work.

rahulverma_92 (2010-12-13)

so my computer is all messed up
and i wanna reinstall vista
BUT my cd/dvd drive is not loading discs.
Can I install it using applications like power iso or daemon tools ?

thegenius2009 (2011-01-29)

thx for the torrent
i put up a http mirror for everyone

ime021 (2011-08-13)

...many many thanks man....
...been searching for this...lost mine DVD...
...good thinking and once again thanks for the effort...

ime021 (2011-08-15)

...ok...just to confirm it...installed on my "medion 8828" machine and everything worked like the man said...thanks again...:-)

life234 (2012-05-03)

If you are using this CD you MUST have a key to activate the product. If you have your laptop and it came with vista as a factory installation on your laptop just simply put that product key located on the bottom of your laptop in for the activation code.

dtandel (2012-07-02)

Hi GWpirateGW,
Information provided and file uploaded by you was of great help to me. Thanks a lot.
I was able to recover my HP Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop with your information and file.
Thank you very much from bottom of my heart.

REBELPATRIOT (2012-09-26)

WOW!!! Thank you so much 4 this!!! :D

tsarito (2012-11-28)

and what about the language?
I used Greek..when i put the serial number should be send an update or what?
Thanks anyway the torrent is awesome many people looking 4 this TY :-)

doomkittyprime (2012-12-21)

I have a question.
Would you be able to upload vista home premium 64 bit?

abbmtb (2013-01-02)

Perfect - Thank You!!

repayfriendship (2013-01-25)

Jesus Christ! I got lucky. My father left me a Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium before he moved on. I got lucky, it seems everything got installed okay. The disc is an original from the looks of everything. It has a hologram and product key sticker. All I could say is thanks dad. You are the man. hehe Well, my mom is just as cool. She works hard to support my lazy buttocks. I get to stay home all day long playing on this Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. Thanks God for making my parents and giving me a happy remainder.

Madaz13b (2013-05-20)

Works perfect and works fine with the Windows USB / DVD creation tool and that alone proves this torrent is what it says it is as the tool will not allow modified ISO's to be used.
I used this to fresh install my friends old notebook.
Thanks for the upload, Highly recommended.

YaMoonSun (2013-06-14)

Great upload, just what I was looking for, I'll be sure to seed this, thanks again.

d223e (2013-07-31)

Worked great, thank you.

InnocentTrinket (2013-10-05)

Thanks a bunch works great

aca96pn (2014-02-03)

I already have license sticker and untouched iso is perfect! Thanks to uploader.

placeborules (2014-04-16)

Hi! It works and is virus free. However, the trick to activate without a key doesn't work any longer. Step 3, the SkipRearm doesn't allow to push the activation period to 30 days indefinetely.
Only using slmgr -rearm does push the 30 days activation deadline, but just for 3 times (90 days) then it says that it has reached the limit.
Obviously the motherfuckers of Microsoft wised up to this trick and changed something. Does anyone know how to push this activation deadline indefinetely? I'd be deeply grateful for any help!
Thanks and regards