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ls - Sandy & Yana - Vacation Sex




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ls - Sandy & Yana - Vacation Sex


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2011-01-20 (by phatwarez)


FTV Girls - Sandy & Yana - Vacation Sex

Sandy's Comments: I'm happy to be on FTV one more time and I was very flattered when I was asked to come to Hawaii which seems to be reserved for only the most popular models on the site. When I thought of Hawaii I really thought of just a lot of pretty girls and sexy surfer guys on the beach. But there's just a lot of Japanese tourists here instead. We arrived at night and we were very tired so we didn't get to see much of Hawaii until morning. The weather is so much like Orlando but less humid. I like that the place we were staying at in waikiki was very safe and we could go out anytime in the morning or night and be safe. Jana is a very sweet girl and makes my experience in Hawaii a fun one. The photographer had his own house to stay at so it was us two together at the hotel. We went shopping and bought a lot of souvenirs. I have had sex with Jana many times before and she smells really good and is very clean. She's just a little too crazy sometimes! She makes me do things like get naked out in front of people that I wouldn't do without her encouraging me. I really like her nipples and I wish I had nipples like hers. They are perfect. She has nice skin, nice lips and she is very kissable. I also like the fact that we're the same body type and size so we are compatible in bed. I usually don't have orgasms easy but with Jana she made me comfortable and she knows my body well. We used two vibrators on me and towards the end it felt like really good sex with my boyfriend in the position I can orgasm best. I've been away from Florida and boyfriend for 3 weeks and so my orgasm was the best I've had this month.
Yana's Comments: Hey guys, did u miss me? Of course u did, I'm too cute for u to forget! So yeah I was soo excited to be in Hawaii because I've never been there before and I knew I would have fun there even though the stay was so short. The flight there sux its so long like going to Florida but longer. At least I was traveling with my bestest friend Sandy! She lives in Florida and I've traveled there to see her. I live in Texas now but I'm in LA a lot. So anyways the photographer was cool as I remember him and he let us do our own thing while he videotaped us. I felt like a girl free from the usual life and I could do anything I want! Me & Sandy kissed a lot and the photographer green-lighted that we could get all lesbian on each other outside! I luv kissing Sandy, she is so beautiful and so petite. She's even smaller than me! She's fun and I luv her accent. I'm not in love with her but I could have fun with her anywhere and people sometimes think we're sisters. In fact one guy came and asked us if we were sisters and I said yeah just to freak him out when we started kissing in front of him. She has the prettiest pussy in the world and I think that draws me to her the most. I just want to touch it, kiss it and finger it! So tiny though she's older than me. I think she's only had one guy in her life or something like that. And of course I luv cuddling with her! The room had two beds, one bigger one so we slept together on the bigger bed. I guess its psychological because when she touches me I go thu the roof! Then when she used the toy on me it really made me cum hard which is about time because I hadn't for a couple of days!
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Size ------- 367mb
Length ---------- 48:29
Resolution ------ 640x480
Container ------- mkv
Video Codec ----- x264
Audio Codec ----- mp3
Frame Rate ------ 30
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TheBest7 (2011-07-29)

This clip is awesome, it's one of my personal favourites, and I recommend it to anyone who likes lesbian porn. It's just lame that they didn't shoot it in HD...